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Examiner: Jared Kushner Worth at Least $430 Million

Imagine, he’s a supremely successful young entrepreneur, and he’ll probably get grief from the MSM for having so much money. Not clear to me how much of the money is related to what he has earned and what part is related to Ivanka Trump.

From the Washington Examiner:

White House officials released dozens of financial disclosure forms Friday evening, revealing the past business ties and millions of dollars in assets of some of the highest-ranking aides in the West Wing.

Jared Kushner resigned from 267 positions in various groups, including dozens of real estate groups, in order to join the White House as Trump’s senior adviser, according to disclosure forms released Friday night.

Kushner has more than $50 million in assets under the Ivanka M. Trump Business Trust, and more than $380 million more in other companies and funds.

Obama and His Washington Press Patsies

I have a piece running in LifeZette today about National Security Council communications chief Ben Rhodes’ manipulation of the press and what it reveals about the cooperation between the White House and Washington reporters. Thought you might want to take a look.

From the piece:

The crazy world that is Inside-the-Beltway politics is agog this week over revelations of the symbiotic, sycophantic relationship between the White House and Washington journalists. While it’s well known here, the dirty secret of Washington journalism is how reliant the press is on the government officials it covers — and how the dependency is only going to get worse.

“The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old. Their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns,” said Rhodes. “They literally know nothing.” What many Washington reporters don’t want you to know is that they need the people they cover — desperately — and that the role of the press as a provider of accountability that puts a check on government power is in deep decline. More likely, dead as a door nail.

Rhodes, who not only spins policy but makes it, spoke contemptuously this week to The New York Times about the reporters he puppets.

With the press so compliant, it should be no surprise that it took Congress and a watchdog group of lawyers — not some modern-day Woodward and Bernstein — to break the stories about Hillary Clinton’s emails and about how the American public was lied to about Benghazi.

Read the rest of the article at LifeZette.

Shots Fired Near the Capitol After Car Rams White House

Updated 6:21 pm ET

A woman was shot and killed by police after ramming her car into an entrance near the White House and then leading police on a high-speed chase that ended near the U.S. Capitol.

It appears woman, who had a young child in the car, rammed a White House barrier or gate at around 15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, near the Treasury Department. She then drove down to Constitution Avenue and headed toward the Capitol. The suspect was shot and killed as police tried to stop her, but she apparently did not have a gun. Nevertheless, officers appear to have exercised considerable restraint, holding fire after she was at one point surrounded and allowing her to momentarily escape.

A policeman was wounded when his car hit something during the chase. The child was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive.

It appears to me this is more of a White House incident than a Capitol incident – it may just be a coincidence that she headed toward the Capitol. A lockdown that was in place at the Capitol has been lifted. Police are saying it appears to be an isolated incident.

Obama was in the White House at the time of the ramming and has been briefed on the incident. The 15th Street entrance is actually on the opposite side of the White House grounds from the West Wing. She would have had to roll through both barriers and the White House gate to get onto the actual grounds, which seems an unlikely task for a single car without explosives.

Were she to have made it onto the grounds, she would have faced a small paramilitary operation equipped with a variety of small arms that, if employed in time, would have taken the car out. I’ve been on the White House grounds when the Secret Service has been activated to face possible emergencies and I can tell you it’s fast and it’s impressive.

To give you some idea, 15th Street and Pennsylvania Ave is on the lower right hand corner of the photograph below. The residence is where you see “The White House” in white, and the West Wing is over where the W in the green “White House Rose Garden” tag is on the left. E St NW is blocked from traffic until 15th St, where it turns into Pennsylvania Ave.

Don’t worry, this is all publicly available information, I’m not giving anything away.

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 3.49.36 PM

Note: I was not at the White House at the time of the incident and I relied on news reports and pool reports from the White House.

White House Salaries Released

The White House today released its annual list of everyone’s salaries.

According to Politico, the payroll grew from $37.1 million in 2011 to $37.8 million in 2012 and the number of employees expanded from 454 to 468. But the salary budget is still below the level it was in 2009, when it totaled $39.1 million.

Some of the salaries will seem rather high to many of you, which is why this was released on a Friday afternoon, when no one was looking.

They do work long hours, I would note. Actually, they have no life.

I know, it’s breaking your heart. But, make of it what you will, the list is below. Happy scrolling.

White House Basement Flooded. What’s New?

Well, another day, and another environmental disaster in the White House press room.

We’re all used to peeling walls, weird wet spots, strange and lingering smells, rats and mice, and discoveries of like half eaten sandwiches from reporters who worked the White House beat in the 1970s.

So when a reporter yesterday entered the basement area of the press room – where nearly half the White House press corps that shows up at the White House works – and discovered that the carpet was suffused with water, it was hardly a big surprise. He called the General Services Administration “hotline” and by 7:30 am they arrived for the Big Cleanup.

Now, if you’re wondering why there is so much incompetence and bumbling in the Gulf, you need look no further than how the White House treats itself.

GSA got right on the issue, hauling out some kind of fan from the Truman administration.

White House press room basement

Now, as you can see, some drying does appear to be occurring. But with only one fan operating, it’s a race before mold begins to set in, as has happened previously in this Toxic Waste Cleanup Area basement section of the White House.

White House reporters reacted with understandable disgust. Here, radio reporter Greg Clugston of SRN News recoils in obvious horror.

Well, OK, actually Greg would want you to know he was just putting on his jacket. But still, I think his actions speak for us all.

GSA has determined that the water, which materialized after some heavy DC downpours, appears to be descending into the basement from behind this wall.

So, you’re probably thinking that this being THE WHITE HOUSE,  people are all over the problem, gauging potential structural damage, making plans to rip out sections of the wall to try to locate the source of the leak, and so forth.

As of this morning, the actual plan is the following: Keep Your Fingers Crossed and Hope Somehow It Doesn’t Happen Again.