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The Suspicious, Sudden Decline in White House Dossier’s Google Traffic

Update: I want to note that the decline in traffic has continued to the present day.


One of the factors I sited when I asked for your donations to White House Dossier this week was the sudden drop in traffic to my website via Google search. Many of you have shown an interest in this.

As you are aware, Google and other social media have been accused of bias against conservative websites. I thought I’d share this graph with you from Google Analytics, which tracks website statistics. As you can see, over the summer, the hits to my website originating from Google searches dramatically declined. This is a problem for me, since as you can see from the chart, more than a quarter of my traffic from “all users” of the website resulted from searches on Google.

Notice that in early August 2018, very suddenly and over just a few days, and for no reason that I discern, my traffic from Google began to average about half of what it was.

I can’t say for sure that this is due to bias by Google against me. The way Google does business is complicated and opaque. But I would say it is suspicious.

Either way, it has harmed my earnings. If you are able to contribute to my limited-time fundraising drive, please donate here today. Your contribution to coverage of the White House by this conservative is very much appreciated.


White House Dossier Will Not Publish Monday in Honor of Rosh Hashanah

On Rosh Hashanah, Jews are not supposed to be engaged in their businesses. And so, I will not be publishing White House Dossier until sundown Monday. I will instead spend the Jewish new year in synagogue, trying to convince God that for some reason He should again deem me worthy of His blessings. It’s worth a shot, I’ve fooled Him before.

I hope everyone has a great day, and to all celebrating the holiday, Happy New Year.


Thank You

Thanks to all of you who contributed to the fundraising drive. In short, I asked for $3,000 to cover costs, and you gave me $3,500. The goal of $3,000 was reached within 48 hours. You can see the results on the GoFundMe page here, which doesn’t include a few donations that were given via other… Continue Reading

White House Dossier Fundraising Drive

Good morning. Each day, White House Dossier brings you news about President Trump the mainstream media ignores.¬†Advertising on the website covers only a portion of the expenses. So I am kindly asking you for your help. Please consider a small donation to assist me in reaching my fundraising goal of $3,000, which would cover almost… Continue Reading