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Republican Candidates Made to Eat Their Words

Well, you knew it was going to happen.

Priorities USA, the Obama-backing PAC, has smartly clipped together various statements by the loser Republican primary candidates – I do mean “loser” in a couple of senses of the word – criticizing Mitt Romney for practicing capitalism.

This group, particularly Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry, helped pave the way for the current attacks on Romney’s time at Bain by the Obama campaign and blunt the rebuttal that Obama is really assailing Romney for making money.

New Political Ad Skewers Obama’s Bin Laden Boast

This is a very effective ad by a group called Veterans for a Strong America that scrambles the music behind President Obama’s Bin Laden Death Victory Dance.

I’m not exactly sure what this group is or who is funding them, but if they continue to produce ads like this, they’re going to be a serious problem for the Obama campaign. The ad is both timely and extremely well done.

John Hudson at The Atlantic is already charging that this is the beginning of the “Swift Boating” of Barack Obama. This implies not only that there’s a lot of money behind it, but that there’s something unfair about it. If that’s so, I’d like to know what it is.

H/T to Nice Deb

Obama Forgets Biden’s Name

During an event on the payroll tax this morning at the White House, President Obama appeared to momentarily forget the name of his vice president.

The lapse occurs right at the beginning of the video below. As you’ll see, he hesitates for just a moment between “vice president” and “Biden.” The vice president appears to recognize the slip and laughs it off.

Now, imagine the reaction if Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush did this . . .

The Obama Show, Starring the Obamas

Thought you might want to see this Saturday Night Live spoof. The Obamas do The Cosbys. I liked the opening sequence.

Interesting that they decided to include Sasha and Malia and risk some kind of White House approbation. But the Obamas have repeatedly put their children before the public, in a way that neither the Bushes nor the Clintons did their children. It benefits the Obamas politically to demonstrate that they have a wonderful family.

So the Obamas can expect the kids to show up in things like this and shouldn’t complain when they do.

Biden on Obama’s Best Moment: Killing Bin Laden

This is some interesting video of Vice President Biden Friday discussing the decision to take out Osama Bin Laden. He talks about how all of Obama’s advisers basically hedged except Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, then the CIA director, who said to go ahead.

The account has credibility because Biden admits that the only other definitive answer came from him – but he gave what turned out to be the wrong advice, counseling Obama to wait.

I realize that a lot of the basis for this raid was the result of steps taken by George W. Bush to create the capability for it. But though the operation was crassly hyped by the White House as Obama’s “gutsy call,” this was indeed a great moment for the president.

Both he and Panetta’s careers were on the line. If the plan failed or if Bin Laden wasn’t present, Obama would have become another Jimmy Carter, who failed to rescue our hostages in Iran, and Panetta might have gone down in history beside former CIA Director George Tenet, he of the “slam dunk” Iraq WMD intelligence.

And the United States would have been diminished, having made an incursion into a foreign country and shot up some home for nothing.

It was a bold decision, and of course carried out with incomparable skill by our forces.

Obama Votes in GOP Primaries Against Romney

The DNC – and by extension, the Obama campaign, from which it takes its orders – has released a new advertisement attacking Mitt Romney. Take a look.

What’s interesting about this ad is that it seems targeted more at Republicans than Democrats.

What bothers Republicans most about Romney? That the only thing unchangeable about him seems to be he hair, and that he formerly held moderate to liberal positions. That’s exactly what this ad gets at.

To energize its Democratic base and appeal independents, the Obama campaign is preparing other messages.

For general election purposes, the Obama campaign is moving from Hope and Change to Fear and Loathing. The Republican candidate will be portrayed as a gruesome monster intent on depriving women, Hispanics, blacks, poor people and the middle class of their rights and their Social Security checks while handing what remains of their property to the rich and reestablishing the Third Reich.

During the general election, the campaign will need to deemphasize past positions of the GOP nominee that seem moderate to liberal. So this ad is not really for independents and Democrats. While it implants in them too the message that Romney is a flip flopper, it’s mainly for Republicans.

The Obama campaign believes it will run against Romney, and it fears him the most. Just over a month before the first primary, it’s doing what it can to deny him the nomination.

Video || One Pissed Off American

The state of the nation, brought to you by some guy.

One of my readers, Tiffany Couch, passed this on to me. If this guy is being paid by the RNC, then he deserves an Academy Award. Anyway, he’s none to happy with the Republicans either.

A poll released this week by the Pew Research Center says that only 17 percent of Americans are satisfied with the direction of the country. That’s the third lowest level since 1994.

Here’s one of those Americans. I thought you might find it compelling.

I wonder if President Obama has read any letters from him.

Since Tiffany helped me, I’m helping her, though she didn’t ask.

Tiffany is the founder of Acuity Group, a Pacific Northwest-based forensic accounting and financial investigation firm firm specializing in fraud investigation and other financial litigation support matters.

Obama Gets French Kiss from ABC

Well, the White House got the puff interview it was looking for. After a surprisingly inquisitorial session with NBC Today’s Ann Curry – who perhaps was looking to prove herself as new host of the program – the president sat down with reliable Obama cheerleader and softball pitcher Robin Roberts of ABC.

Roberts asked him about Weiner, gave him a chance to dismiss all those mean Republicans who are picking on him, and then got right into important subject matter like what it’s like to be Sasha and Malia’s father.

You may remember, she got to interview Obama on Inauguration Day. Here’s how that discussion began:

ROBIN ROBERTS: “Mr. President.” Sound good, doesn’t it.

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: It’s got a certain ring to it.

ROBERTS: It was beautiful, watching you dance with your wife, just one of the highlights of this long day. When you walked out and you saw the sea of humanity all the way back to Lincoln, what are you going to remember most?

Sure, today’s segment, which aired on “Good Morning America,” had some cute moments. But why even ask any political questions?” If we’re doing fluff, let’s do fluff.

No Recess Appointment for Elizabeth Warren

President Obama won’t be making any recess appointments of Elizabeth Warren to head the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau when Congress is out of town next week, because Congress has arranged for itself to technically remain in session. It’s no secret that Obama wants the consumer advocate Warren to head the agency when it official stands up in… Continue Reading