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Video || DNC CEO on How We’ll Fund Medicare for All: “I Don’t Know”

Democratic National Committee CEO Seema Nanda indicated Tuesday that she had no idea how Democrats would pay for the brilliant plan Democrats ran on to essentially put everyone on Medicare, saying we need to have a “big conversation” about it. Well, that’s certainly true, it will require a big conversation, though I’m not sure you… Continue Reading

Video || Trump: Other Press Passes Could be Pulled

President Trump Friday said other reporters’ press passes could be taken away and said he has not made a decision on whether CNN correspondent Jim Acosta’s pass would be permanently pulled. “I haven’t made that decision [on Acosta] but it could be others also,” Trump said. Trump spoke to reporters on the South Lawn Friday… Continue Reading

Video || Trump: “I’ll Never Forgive” Obama for What He Did to the U.S. Military

President Trump Friday spoke to reporters – yet again – as he departed for a trip to Paris, France, saying he would “never forgive” Barack Obama for depleting the U.S. military. Trump spoke on the South Lawn before departing for a trip to Paris, France. He was responding to a question about Michelle Obama’s new… Continue Reading

CNN’s Jim Acosta Singlehandedly Sinks the Cause of a Free Press

CNN’s Jim Acosta was called on, allowed to ask several questions, and then told to sit down by the president. He refused and continued standing and talking, even wrestling with a young female White House staffer over the microphone. He offered a personal opinion, stating that the migrant caravan was not an “invasion,” disagreeing with… Continue Reading

Video || Don Lemon Stokes Racial Strife With Claim White Men are “Biggest Terror Threat”

Why do this? Why bring race into it? Because the urge to demonize President Trump, and his supporters, is so great that the CNN anchor couldn’t resist. And there will be no repercussions for a race-based assertion in this case. “The biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most them radicalized to the… Continue Reading