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Video || Trump Calls Up Bronze Star Recipient, Tells Him to Ignore Secret Service

Trump spoke to servicemenbers in Alaska on his way back to Washington from Vietnam. He took a moment to honor Bronze Star recipient Sgt. Sean Rogers. “I won’t bring up the generals. I won’t bring the generals up, but come on, Sean, get up here. Don’t worry about Secret Service. You can take them, Sean,”… Continue Reading

Video || Trump Disagrees with His Top Trade Official, on Camera

If I were President Trump, I’d not be too happy. U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer contradicted the boss, telling a group assembled in front of the cameras that a memorandum of understanding was in fact a deal, after Trump suggested it wasn’t. Then, he went just short of mocking the president by saying he’ll simply… Continue Reading

Video || SNL Does Humor-Free Celebration of Leftist Women in Congress

Once, this was a comedy show. Now it’s an occasionally funny, 90-minute left-wing political statement Apparently, there’s nothing to satirize about the radical leftist women in Congress and their sophomoric yet dangerous proposals to spend trillions of dollars on whatever they fancy. Little do the “artists” of SNL understand that the socialist platform they are… Continue Reading

Video || Cory Booker: Green Deal is Like Going to the Moon, Fighting Nazis

There doesn’t seem to be any filter between Democrats’ brains and mouths these days, the latter far larger than the smaller. It’s just, hey, whatever crazy idea pops into our head, whatever it costs let’s do it! Or, you know, you lack imagination. You lack dreams. They seem to have abandoned any notion of common… Continue Reading