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Video || Joe Biden’s Racial Gaffes

He’s not a racist. He said a few off-color things here and there. And he got friendly with some segregationists in the Senate in the 1970s. That was not unusual back then.

Still, this is pretty funny, given that Biden would eagerly use a video like this against President Trump

Trump Enjoys Chris Cuomo’s Vile Rant After Cuomo Called “Fredo”

Chris Cuomo is a year away from mid-century. You’d think he’d grow up.

Someone called him Fredo, just to provoke him, and he snatched the bait with gusto. Of course, his antagonist got it all on video, which was the point.

Fredo is the character in The Godfather who is the disrespected brother, the black sheep. The suggestion is that Chris, a mere CNN host, compares unfavorably to his brother Andrew, who is the governor of New York. It’s also a bit of an insult to Italians.

Cuomo completely melted down with a curse filled rant and an invitation to violence. CNN should fire him, at the very least for acting like a complete moron, or for making physical threats, but instead, it backed him up.

He also compared “Fredo” to the N-word as an epithet which, if he were a conservative, would invite accusations that he had a poor appreciation for the gravity of the N-word.

Video || Bernie Sanders Says Climate Change is Our Top National Security Issue

Where is the press pointing out that this is nuts? Well, they can’t, because it comports with political correctness. And also, they think he is factually correct.

I gather our chief concern with nuclear war must be that it could accelerate global warming. I mean, the nuclear clouds and all the debris floating above could trap heat on the earth’s surface. Now that’s scary!

Maybe this is Bernie’s plan: Replace the Navy with tugboats to drag the icebergs back to Greenland.

Trump Goes After Violent Video Games

As far as I can tell, at least some of the guys who have committed these killings have also heavily indulged in violent video games. I’m willing to bet all of them have. With these games proliferating and “PG-13” basically replacing “R” ratings, allowing more kids into egregiously violent movies, I think Hollywood and the… Continue Reading

An Entire CNN Panel Questions Dems Pie in the Sky Ideas

Surely this means CNN panelists are beginning to understand that the proletariat may not yet be ready to forfeit all its property to the state. So for a Democrat to beat President Trump, they must be reasoning, moderates needs some TLC from the punditry. Scarborough agrees. See? They see that this thing could get away… Continue Reading

Trump Refuses to Back Down from Criticizing Elijah Cummings

This is why President Trump was elected. He is not afraid of wreaking havoc on the polite consensus. Poor liberals, called out for the terrible mismanagement of their cities, all of which are run by Democrats and have Democratic representatives in Congress. According to the Washington Examiner: President Trump continued to attack the “corrupt city”… Continue Reading