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Video || SNL Does the Dems

Well, I gotta say, nice to have a little bipartisanship going on at Saturday Night Live.

For a show that is too often not the least bit as hilarious as it thinks it is, I thought this was pretty good.

Someone made a pretty good point to me, that every year, everyone says Saturday Night Live used to be funny.

I thought about it. And then I decided. I think it used to be funny.

This is actually from the Saturday before last, but I’m just catching up, having turned the show off after failing to be amused by the opening sketch.

Video || SNL’s Unfunny Donald Trump Sketch

It was the season opener for Saturday Night Live last night, and of course the opened with President Trump and impeachment.

Which is fine, except, they’ve had all damn summer for figure this thing out, and they can’t even come up with something funny. I mean, please I get it that your all liberals, but just make me laugh at least.

I like Kate McKinnon’s Rudy impersonation. Beyond that, this is just mediocre stuff.

I immediately turned SNL off after this and put on a true crime show. Far more entertaining.

CNN’s Jim Acosta: America is a “Vicious, Nasty Country”

From the Washington Examiner: Bemoaning Trump’s description of the media as the “enemy of the people” — the title of his new book — Acosta jabbed at the president and said, “I throw my beer cans at the TV screen,” when Trump appears. “Do you remember, Bill, when we use to say ‘I’d like to… Continue Reading