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Video || Buttigieg Won’t Say That Pro-Life People Should Be Permitted in the Democratic Party

And this is the supposed moderate in the race.

Watch as Pete Buttigieg bobs and weaves in order to avoid answering the question about whether someone who is pro-life has a place in the Democratic Party, continually answering a different question than the one that was asked.

It’s intolerance masked as reasonableness. It’s also admittedly what he has to do to be a viable candidate in today’s Democratic Party.

Video || Biden Snaps at Reporter, Barely Regains Composure

Here it is in 3-D, or something.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Says there Was No Quid Pro Quo

Not the answer Christian Amanpour was looking for.

President Trump supposedly prevents Vice President Pence from going to Ukrainian President Zelensky’s inauguration because Zelensky didn’t announce an investigation into Biden. But his foreign minister, Vadym Prystaiko, said the Ukrainians themselves are to blame for having to arrange the inauguration so quickly.

Maybe the Democrats want to call Prystaiko as a witness in the impeachment trial.

GOP Sen. Martha McSally Calls CNN’s Manu Raju a “Liberal Hack”

Aww, so mean.

CNN spent several minutes in an emergency “roundtable” creating a safe space for Raju, commenting on how he is the most fair reporter of the 21st century, etc.

Time was when a news organization never made itself part of the news, just ignoring criticism as a feature of the job.

But now, the news is all about the reporters, who showboat and freely give their opinions on the TV. Which has caused their liberal biases to shine through and turned many of them into . . . liberal hacks.

I’m not saying Raju is one, although if he is not, his reporting is polluted by the bias of his colleagues at the network. Though he was cited by the Washington Post – normally biased itself – for falsely claiming, along with others from CNN, that portions of the Steele Dossier had been corroborated.

It’s why President Trump has at least some reason to call much of the media Fake News.

Sad days for my profession.

Video || Elizabeth Warren Refuses to Shake Bernie’s Hand

She says he told her a woman couldn’t win the presidency. He says he never said it. So, someone is lying. I’d lean toward the person who is angrier about the situation as the one telling the truth. But who knows? CNN debate moderator Abby Philips, though, presumed that he did say it, despite his… Continue Reading