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Obama Kinda Holds Someone Accountable for VA Scandal

Typical White House nonsense. Amid exploding demands for someone to be held accountable for the scandal in which dozens of veterans may have died waiting for care, the top Veterans Administration health official, one Dr. Robert Petzel, resigned today. Of course, this is the usual Obama White House hedging. A sort of response. You see, Petzel was set to resign anyway. His replacement had already been announced.

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Tapper Confronts McDonough on Shinseki

CNN’s Jake Tapper, who is sorely missed in the White House briefing room, showed why today as he confronted White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough with a letter showing the White House was warned by the Republican VA Committee Chairman a year ago about “serious and significant patient care issues.” The White House gave the congressman the usual response it reserves for Republicans, which

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Obama Sends in The Cleaner

The press has rather innocently been reporting that President Obama dispatched one of his closest aides, Deputy Chief of Staff Rob Nabors, to “help” and to “oversee” things at Veterans’ Affairs while officials get to the bottom of the widening scandal over VA clinic wait times that resulted in the deaths of veterans. There might be a coverup too. From the Washington Post: Rob Nabors, a

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