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Video || DNC Chair Perez Doesn’t Deny Ocasio-Cortez is a Socialist, Says She’s Dems’ “Future”

Good. If she represents the future of the Democratic Party, then the Democratic Party doesn’t have much of a future. I don’t think this country is ready for socialism. Not yet, anyway. We still have to more work to do on getting enlightened, dontcha know.

The RNC is smart to be promoting this video or DNC Chair Tom Perez calling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – who just unseated a leading Democratic congressman in a New York congressional primary – the “future of our party.”

Radio show host Bill Press calls her a socialist, and Perez not only doesn’t seem the least bit bothered, he suggests that’s where Democrats need to go.

It’s not President Trump who demonstrates that we’re a “fallen” country, as liberals would have it. It’s that Democrats now routinely accept socialists as their leaders, with no concept of the danger of this. That’s how far we have fallen.

Here. Here’s socialism.

In a country rich with oil.

Decline of Western Civilization Part 327: DNC Chair Curses in Front of Children

Have a look at the beginning of this video. You can see DNC Chairman Tom Perez going on a profane rant with a child just a few feet away.

Below, he notes that a child is in the audience, and keeps right on cursing.

This is the Democratic Party today. Anything to win, anything that works, no matter the ethics or the appearance of it, because everything is to be subordinated to the larger goals. That is, for you Leninists out there, the means justify the ends.

Perez is also reflective of what years of leftist domination of the culture has given the country, starting with the free love, tradition-destroying ethic introduced in the 1960s. Without the discipline of a moral code, or even the recognition that any values are absolute, you have the deconstruction of society and the result that, for example, more than a quarter of American children are being raised in single-mother homes.

Ironically, the corrosion of the culture hurts the populations that liberals claim to care about most — women, minorities, and children. What they have done more than anything is give men the freedom to do whatever the hell they want.

Don’t worry, eight-year-olds don’t read White House Dossier, but they do attend speeches.

What Tom Perez is doing here, and that it’s the chairman of the Democrats and not the Republicans is no coincidence. It’s a symptom, and indeed a symbol, of the larger cultural problem inflicted upon us by liberals.

Democrats Booing Lenin Because They Didn’t Get Stalin

It says something mind boggling about the Democratic Party that its chairman, Tom Perez, is too far to the right for many of its members.

Perez has been on some kind of “unity” tour with Sen. Bernie Sanders. The tour was given its name on “opposite day,” because what it’s actually doing is exposing the disunity in the Party. The left hand, it seems, doesn’t understand what the far-left hand is doing.

The mainstream media isn’t making a bid deal of this, because it likes better the storyline of “moderate” Republicans and the “far-right” Freedom Caucus plunging their fangs into each other. Writing about disunited Democrats is not a fun day at work for the liberal press.

And can I ask, for a moment, why people like Freedom Caucus members are called “far-right” but nobody, ever, in the Democratic Party is described as “far-left”? The answer, of course, is that “far-left,” like “far-right,” sounds pejorative, and everyone at the New York Times knows that the de facto socialists who now make up about half the Democratic Party are just trying the hardest of all to do good.

So, in case you missed it, here’s a bit of what’s happening. You’ll enjoy this.

Many Democrats are unhappy the winner of the race for chairman was Perez and not Rep. Keith Ellison. And so they lobbing catcalls.

This is like booing Lenin because he doesn’t quite measure up to Stalin in his willingness to get things done. Perez is about as Lefty as it gets. He was Barack Obama’s Secretary of Labor. Did you get that? Obama’s Secretary of Labor. That’s not exactly a position advertised in the National Review.

Even his new strategy of adding vile words to his speeches – i.e. everything Republicans do is “shit” and “shitty” – hasn’t helped, despite what must be the appeal for modern Democrats of hearing such language from their leaders.

But Perez might leave a few Kulaks around for show. Ellison is a scorched earth type of Leftist. While Perez is “far-left,” Ellison is “radical left.”

Ellison has said he wants Democrats to come out against the Second Amendment. He cosponsored a bill to impeach Dick Cheney.

The first Muslim elected to Congress, he has been associated with the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam and taken donations from the leaders of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which allegedly has ties to terrorist organizations.

Alan Dershowitz, whom Republicans have always viewed as a liberal, but who given the current state of affairs in the Democratic Party seems almost Thatcheresque, said he would leave the Party were Ellison elected its chair, writing:

Ellison’s anti-Semitism is confirmed by his support for another anti-Semite, Stokely Carmichael.

When there were protests about Carmichael’s speaking at the University of Minnesota, Ellison responded that: “The University’s position appears to be this: Political Zionism is off-limits no matter what dubious circumstances Israel was founded under; no matter what the Zionists do to the Palestinians; and no matter what wicked regimes Israel allies itself with — like South Africa. This position is untenable.”

But the connections are more recent as well. In 2009, Ellison headlined a fundraiser for Esam Omeish, a former candidate for Virginia state delegate who had told Palestinians that “the jihad way is the way to liberate your land.”

Ellison, having lost the race for chair, was hardly rebuked, instead being anointed Perez’s deputy. And so, if a crane falls on Perez’s head, Ellison will take the reins, I suppose.

And there will be no more booing at Democratic “unity” events.

Video || American Flag Falls as DNC Chair Tom Perez Says “Secretary Clinton”

The man who thinks Republicans “don’t give a shit” knows little about patriotism, something this flag clearly recognizes. It should be careful though that once on the floor, the Clintons, one of whom has been impeached and the other of whom endangered national security secrets for her own benefit, don’t stomp on it.

H/T Washington Examiner.

Labor Secretary Perez Goes After Ronald Reagan

Labor Secretary Tom Perez, one of the more ideological and also annoying members of the Obama administration, attacked Ronald Reagan for his prediction that Medicare would lead to socialized medicine and, indeed, socialism.

Here’s some of what Reagan said.

Now, I know everyone likes their Medicare. But Reagan had it absolutely right.

With health insurers now effectively government utilities whose business practices are dictated by Uncle Sam, and with everyone required to have insurance, we are well down the road to socialized medicine. As Obamacare becomes increasingly unworkable and Medicaid expands, the Left will begin increasing the pressure to simply move toward a single-payer, government-run system.

Also, BTW, Medicare is broke and will require sweeping changes or massive tax increases to save it.

And with half of all Americans receiving government benefits today, we already are living under a form of socialism. Perez, of course, wouldn’t recognize it, because for him government control of the means of production is market capitalism.

But Reagan understood, and events are proving him right, not wrong.

Secretary of Labor Thinks Wages are a “Lottery”

Does President Obama’s chief advisor on worker issues believe in – or even understand – market economics?

Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe the other day, Labor Secretary Tom Perez indicated people’s salaries are determined by whim.

“We need a raise in the minimum wage because you shouldn’t have to win the boss lottery to be able to live a decent life,” he declared.

Think about the mindset here. The boss lottery? Luck is the defining factor of success?

Your fate, people, is out of your hands. If you get lucky and you have a good boss, you might get paid okay. Whether you’ve developed your skills, gotten an education, searched for the right job, or spend your workdays sleeping in the break room is not relevant here. And God forbid you try to go find a better job if you don’t like the one you have.

The only thing that matters is how The Man is treating you.

And of course, being helpless, you need Tom Perez and the government to aid and protect you. You need Tom and Barack to stick it to The Man for you, so you’ve got some chance to beat The System, which after all is rigged.

Because it’s not fair when someone wins and someone loses. Everybody gets a medal, and The Department of Labor is there to make sure you get yours, even if you ran the wrong way down the track.

Labor Secretary Perez Finds Obama’s Agenda in Bible, Koran, Torah

Many of you may be aware of what Vladimir Lenin, on his deathbed, reminded Trotsky, Stalin, and his other acolytes: “A fundamental tenet of our moral covenant as a nation was, prosperity would be shared.”

It set the tone for the Soviet Union’s future approach to . . .

Wait a second. That wasn’t Lenin. That was Tom Perez, President Obama’s Secretary of Labor. Yesterday!

Boy, was this fellow was on a roll. Speaking at an AFL-CIO “Raising Wages Summit” in Washington, Perez was laying lefty slogans on thick.

And what better speaker for a wage “fairness” conference than Perez, who in October said of America, with respect to the minimum wage, “I mean, we suck. We really do.”

Yes, we suck. And so to suck less, if you don’t suck at capitalism, you’ve got to share what you’ve got with those who haven’t gotten their piece of the apple pie.

As Perez said Wednesday:

We live in a nation that is a community . . . Prosperity must be shared! . . . the American workers have helped bake the cake of prosperity, but they are not sharing in the fruits of that prosperity. A fundamental tenet of our moral covenant as a nation was, “prosperity would be shared.”

Okay, cake doesn’t produce fruit. Unless it’s a fruitcake. Maybe Perez is saying we’re a nation of fruitcakes. I don’t know.

Anyway, you tell ’em comrade! These rich people, they gotta remember this is a community, see? That business they worked 18 hour a day on? They didn’t build that! Give something back, because people need to upgrade to the Obamaphone 6, okay?

Jesus, Moses, and Mohammed all agree, BTW:

This is really about biblical teachings. This about what’s taught in the Koran, and what’s taught in the Torah, and what we learn about making sure we do unto others.

There’s a guy named Jim Wallace who, you know, he does this exercise with his students, where he asks them to take the Bible and rip up every page that has a reference to the need to help the poor and the under-served. And the bible turns into like a Newsweek magazine.

Look, first of all, I realize Newsweek’s ad pages are down, but, come on, this is piling on. But more importantly, why is this guy Wallace defacing the Bible? You merely drop the Torah and if your Jewish you’re supposed to kiss it.

Well, Lenin wouldn’t have liked the biblical references. But the rest would have sounded pretty good. I mean, sure, the community back then had to string up a few Kulaks before it could really call itself a community, but you know, prosperity must be shared.

Thank God. Business Advice from Obama.

The little things come out accidentally. Because, no matter the phoniness, no matter the hired message massagers, people are who they are, and they eventually reveal themselves.

If you really want to understand where President Obama and his coterie are coming from, have a look at this statement released on Labor Day by Secretary of Labor Tom Perez.

He describes a woman, Austraberta Rodriguez:

She’s worked as a janitor for more than 30 years, and for most of that time, her wages put her below the poverty level. Every cent she’s earned has gone toward providing the basics for her children and grandchildren. Today, she’s still earning the minimum wage — which, in Texas, is just $7.25 an hour.

Now, never mind that raising the minimum wage overwhelmingly helps families who are NOT in poverty. For example, about a quarter of those making the bottom salary are teens. And forget for a moment that for about every every two people who are brought above the poverty line when the minimum wage is increased, one loses their job entirely.

I’m not here to debate the minimum wage. I’m not even sure that a small hike in the minimum wage at this point would be harmful. I’m here to show you this, another portion of Perez’s statement:

A higher minimum wage doesn’t just help workers like Austraberta. It helps the businesses they work for too. It improves employee morale, productivity, and customer service. It reduces turnover, absenteeism, and training costs.

And besides, when working families have more money in their pockets, they pump it right back into their local economies. They spend it on goods and services where they live. And that helps the businesses providing those goods and services to grow. And that creates more jobs.

Think about the extraordinary hubris of this statement, the audacity, if you will.

Here it is, the government, telling businessmen and women what’s right for their businesses. If only they could follow the wisdom of Tom Perez and Barack Obama, they’d know that raising the minimum wage is GOOD FOR BUSINESS.

Tom PerezPresumably businesspeople are either too stupid to do what’s in their interests – or too distracted by their own greedy instinct to hoard the money for themselves – to figure out what is sound business smarts.

But Tom Perez knows!!

Because Tom Perez, unlike most of these boneheaded, culturally backward business types, graduated from Brown University and Harvard Law School. He then spent six years at the Department of Justice before going to work for Ted Kennedy. Then it was on to the Clinton administration Department of Health and Human Services.

Following a mediocre run in Maryland state politics, he was appointed to the Maryland Department of Labor before being made assistant attorney general by President Obama and finally, last year, Secretary of Labor.

I give you Tom’s work history not because I think you are in the market for a good biography, but to make clear to you that . . .


And neither, as we already know, has his boss.

And yet, here Tom is, lecturing businessmen and women, many of whom – those who succeed, anyway – routinely put in twelve hour days and generate the tax revenues that have paid Tom’s salary all his life.

Because Tom, and Obama’s other geniuses, know what’s best for you. They read it – in a book!

They are from the government, and they are here to help. They’ll give you the help you need, and the help you want. Because they’ve looked at you and your business from their grand perches, and found you wanting.