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Another Sunday Show Prep Lie?

Former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner appears to be alleging that the White House asked him to lie during an appearance on the Sunday talk shows, telling him to say that Social Security doesn’t contribute to the deficit, when it does.

From Geithner’s new book out today, “Stress Test Reflections in Financial Crises:”

I remember during one Roosevelt Room prep session before I appeared on the Sunday shows, I objected when Dan Pfeiffer wanted me to say Social Security didn’t contribute to the deficit. It wasn’t a main driver of our future deficits, but it did contribute.

Pfeiffer said the line was a ‘dog whistle’ to the left, a phrase I had never heard before. He had to explain that the phrase was code to the Democratic base, signaling that we intended to protect Social Security.

In fact, taxpayer funds from general revenues – not just the payroll tax – are NOW being used to pay Social Security beneficiaries. Pfeiffer surely knew this.

But if one wanted to be charitable – one doesn’t, but if one did – one would speculate that Geithner corrected Pfeiffer and Pfeiffer said, “Oh, I didn’t know that.”

The White House claims Pfeiffer bends over backwards to tell the truth

But judging by the White House response today, we have a he said, he said on our hands.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Pfeiffer surely told Geithner to say Social Security is not a main driver of the deficits. But Geithner is pretty clear that this is exactly what Pfeiffer did not say.

Reporting on Fox News a few minutes ago, Ed Henry said a “source close to Geithner” said Geithner didn’t mean to say the White House was sending him forth to mislead people on the Sunday talk shows.

Sounds like reeling it back in to me.

What’s more, of course, there seems to be a bit of pattern about these prep sessions. My suggestion is, next time an administration official appears on a Sunday talk show, go make a mimosa and do the crossword puzzle.

Geithner: I Won’t be Invited Back to the Party

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said that if President Obama wins a second term, he won’t ask Geithner to serve again as Treasury Secretary, according to Bloomberg.

One wonders if this has anything to do with 8.5 PERCENT UNEMPLOYMENT.

But I doubt it.

From Bloomberg:

“He’s not going to ask me to stay on, I’m pretty confident,” Geithner said in an interview with Bloomberg Television today. “I’m confident he’ll be president. But I’m also confident he’s going to have the privilege of having another secretary of the Treasury.”

A Wonderful White House Story

Last Monday was a beautiful day in the Rose Garden. President Obama and his Teleprompter began to speak about the American Jobs Act, which they said would create . . . jobs.

Obama speaks in Rose Garden

The three men ruining running the economy, National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling, OMB Director Jack Lew, and Treasury Secretary Tim Geihtner, listened obediently.

Sperling, Lew, Geithner

These are their shoes.

Suddenly, Right Teleprompter wasn’t delivering the correct words anymore. All Obama could see were the lyrics to Van Halen songs. That couldn’t be right! He paused, not knowing what to do.

After a few seconds, the president became confused and started spouting weird gibberish, like Rick Perry.

Obama flubs

Valerie Jarrett got herself a good laugh out of it.

Valerie Jarrett

The lighting guy really couldn’t care less. Just as long as the light was good. He got a kick out of climbing up his ladder and saying, “Let there be light.”

Watching back in his office, Boehner had his usual reaction.

Then, Obama looked and realized Left Teleprompter had the speech. He began again to speak confidently.

Obama and his teleprompter

Later, briefing reporters, Tim Geithner suddenly realized the American Jobs Act wouldn’t create any jobs at all. But how could he tell everyone?

Tim Geithner

Jack Lew frowned, knowing something was terribly wrong.

Jack Lew frowns

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, understanding that Geithner had finally run the numbers through his head, knew he had to prevent him from speaking. He gave the Treasury Secretary his Vulcan Sleeping Stare.

Jay Carney

The stare immediately put Geithner to sleep.

Geithner sleeping

Lew, not realizing what was happening, began singing loudly to Geithner to awaken him.

Jack Lew

Geithner suddenly awoke, startled and unsure, but remembering nothing about the funny numbers.

Geithner unsure

He reported that the American Jobs Act would indeed succeed, and everyone who is out of a job began to cheer.

All photos except Boehner and Qaddafi by Keith Koffler

Advice? From This Guy?

I like to give my readers a laugh in the morning. Please, swallow your coffee before continuing.

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner apparently is in Europe lecturing them on how to fix their economies!

And they politely responded, “Just who the $%#&@! do you think you are?”

We have 9.2 percent unemployment, annual deficits of more than $1 trillion, and economy slipping back into recession, and Tim Geithner thinks he has advice for the Europeans?

From the Washington Post article detailing the debacle:

The Europeans did not react favorably to being told what to do by an American.

“I found it peculiar that even though the Americans have significantly worse fundamental data than the euro zone that they tell us what we should do,” Austrian finance minister Maria Fekter told reporters after the meeting.

See, now I’m really worried. I know Obama’s economic advisers were incompetent. But now I’m concerned that they are delusional.

And of course, what did he tell them to do? Stimulus! Because, you see, it’s worked so well over here.

Wait a Second, What’s Geithner Still Doing Here?

President Obama once famously suggested that he would be trying to figure out “whose ass to kick.”

Well, there will be a perfect ass – pun intended – in the Oval Office THIS VERY AFTERNOON.

The White House schedule says that Obama plans to meet at 4:00 pm with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. And – this is weird – it doesn’t saying anything about the president planning to fire him!

What? No fire Timothy? Why not? We’re into double dipping baby. This next one ain’t on Bush.

Mr. President, if you won’t fire Geithner’s ass, then KICK IT!

Kick it! Kick his ass! Kick it so hard you break his TurboTax.

And while you’re meeting with Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke today – just announced by the White House – take him out to the woodshed on the South Lawn and spank him in the QE2.

One of our readers, the award winning cartoonist Mike Lester, got this Geithner thing just about right today. Thought you might want to take a look.

You can find Mike’s cartoons at his website, Mike du jour Lester.

Obama Gives Economic Team the Finger

Faced with sluggish job growth, the resumption home price declines, and the possibility of a double dip recession, President Barack Obama gave his economic team the finger at a White House meeting last Thursday, just before departing for a vacation on Martha’s Vineyard.

“You guys suck,” Obama declared as his economic team gave him the latest dose of bad economic news. “Malia and Sasha could do better than you two bozos.”

The news comes just as House Minority Leader John Boehner called today for the resignation of Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and White House National Economic Council Director Larry Summers.

A photograph obtained by White House Dossier shows the exact moment Obama gave his economic advisers the ultimate diss, during a meeting in the Roosevelt Room. The picture, seen at the left, shows Obama flipping them the bird.  Geithner is seen on the right, weeping into his hand.

Summers, who had to be awakened in order to receive his scolding, asked the president, “What are you going to do?” When the Obama replied, “I may have to kick your ass,” Summers immediately stood up and ran from the room.

Asked for Comment, former BP CEO Tony Hayward, who last spring had his ass kicked by Obama, commented, “Larry did a smart thing. I’m still having trouble sitting down.”

Geithner protested that the stagnant economy was Bush’s fault. But Obama said the days of blaming Bush for the economy had to come to an end.

“We’re having foreign policy problems, and I may have to start blaming Bush for the growing violence in Iraq and the possible failure of the Afghanistan offensive,” Obama said. “I’m also planning on blaming him for the our inability to get a Mideast peace deal and the Iranian nuclear weapon. You econ guys have been getting a free ride for too long. It’s time to start letting someone else share the blame with Bush.”

“Can’t we blame Cheney for some of the foreign policy stuff?” Geithner pleaded.

“We’re going to blame Cheney for Gitmo still being open,” Obama replied. “But he just got out of the hospital, so our capacity for blaming him is limited right now.”

Reached for comment, Boehner said the finger was the least Summers and Geithner deserved. “I personally think they should be sent to a Chinese labor camp and have their ears cut off and fed to pandas,” Boehner said. “But a simple firing will do.

“These guys are amateurs,” Boehner continued. “How much have they run up the deficit, a couple of trill? We ran it up like eight trillion. They are completely ineffective.”

When reminded that deficits are bad, Boehner was quickly escorted from the room mumbling, “My shoes, my shoes, has anyone seen my shoes?”

As Geithner trembled in his seat, Obama told him, “Don’t worry Tim, I’m not going to kick your ass.”

“Thank you,” Geithner replied, clearly relieved.

“Rahm is going to kick your ass.”

At which point White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel ran from his office, burst into the Roosevelt Room, pirouetted across the floor and performed a series of grand battements onto Geithner’s posterior.

Geithner’s spokesman declined to comment.