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The Next Generation of Pro-Israel Leaders

Worried about the future of Israel? Me too.

If there are not leaders in this country who understand Israel and are devoted to preserving its existence and maintaining the strong ties between our two nations, then the most important bulwark against Islamism in the Middle East may cease to exist.

The Tikvah Fellowship is a non-profit, paid, one-year program for individuals to study full time about the political, religious, and intellectual future of Israel and the Jewish people.

It’s a tremendous opportunity to study and work with leading thinkers and practitioners in the fields of Jewish thought and history, Israeli and American politics, religious leadership, journalism, economics, education, and community life.

Faculty members include William Kristol, Victor Davis Hanson, James Capretta, Peter Berkowitz, Ruth Gavison, Yuval Levin, and Michael Walzer. Among the courses offered in the past are “Religion and State in Modern Democracy,” “War, Morality, and Statesmanship,” “Political Foundings,” and “Wealth and Modern Democracy.”

I thought some of you might be interested in applying for the fellowship or knew someone else who would. Anyone can apply, from students preparing for graduate school to those in mid-career thinking about their next step. You can find out more at