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Video || Obama’s Deceptive “Documentary”

Below I offer you the trailer for the upcoming Obama campaign film titled, “The Road We’ve Travelled.”

It’s being marketed as a documentary. And that’s the really gross part about it.

This is one hundred percent fake and phony. It’s as egregious as campaigning – which frequently is quite rich in revolting things – gets.

The problem with this documentary is that it’s a lie. It is not a documentary. It is an extended campaign commercial, pretending to be a documentary.

The participants seem to be going along, pretending that they are being interviewed for some type of historical document. They are all in the charade together.

When you watch a campaign commercial, see a campaign speech, or read campaign literature, you know what you are getting. It’s up to you to parse through the garbage and find some truth. Or to suspend disbelief and buy into the whole package. But at least it’s clear what’s going on.

With this film, you are being presented with something false, a devious display of glossy, high octane junk. It’s a disgrace, even for politics.

H/T to The Blog at the Weekly Standard, where I found this.