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Nine Reasons Virginia DOESN’T Mean the Tea Party is Dead

Yes, the establishment Democrats and Republicans are tut tutting the Tea Party, knowingly proclaiming that the defeat of conservative Ken Cuccinelli means Republicans have to start nominating Rockefeller Republican RINOs or face Death at the Polls.

Virginia is going from purple to blue, and nothing can help unless the Republicans come to their senses.

This is exactly false. The establishment predicted a big victory for McAuliffe that would prove its theory that conservatism is a loser. But that’s not what happened. Now, they want to use the cover of McAuliffe’s squeaker victory to try to prove they knew what they were talking about.

Cuccinelli ALMOST WON. And that points to Tea Party strength, because he should have lost by a lot. He came within two and a half points of McAulliffe, even though . . .

1. McAuliffe raised $15 million more than Cuccinelli, using the money to destroy him via the airwaves.

2. An independent Libertarian, funded in part by one of President Obama’s rainmakers, grabbed 6.5 percent of the vote, much of it presumably from Cuccinelli.

3. Cuccinelli could never match the firepower of the Democratic VIPs that campaigned for McAuliffe, including President Obama, Vice President Biden, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton. Republicans simply don’t have such rock stars to offer up.

4. The RNC spent $6 million less on this year’s Virginia governors race than it did during the last in 2009.

5. Liberal interest groups poured extra money into the race promoting issues favorable to McAuliffe.

6. Cuccinelli is about a charismatic as a salt shaker.

7. Cuccinelli made some dumb remark that seemed to compare families of rats to families of Hispanics, bringing the Latino vote out to sink him.

8. The government shutdown was particularly antagonizing to Northern Virginia voters, since plenty of them work for the federal government. Republicans were blamed more than Obama for the shutdown.

9. Cuccinelli was hampered using his ace in the hole – the sleaze issue – against McAulliffe, since the sitting Republican governor has his own ethics problems, creating a glass houses effect.

The Virginia election actually proved that a conservative can win in Virginia, not the reverse. It’s a big victory for the Tea Party.

Please Meet One of Obama’s “Extremists”

President Obama and his henchmen have savagely attacked the Tea Party, with the president himself branding his opponents as “extremists” and his surrogates comparing them to terrorists, for starters.

Well thank God this president’s “open minded” worldview stops at the Tea Party’s door.

If any Obama officials or their allies are reading, let me introduce to one these terrorists, a woman named Georgina. As you will be able to discern, she’s a dangerous radical, drunk with hatred, desperate to destroy the nation’s credit rating, and dying to stick it to Obama.

I think this should confirm your suspicions that you are nobly combating a dangerous element. If you have some jackboots and truncheons at the ready, please don them, because Georgina must be stopped.



My husband and I have been involved with the Tea Party from the very beginning. We marched in Washington on April 15, 2010, the original protest of the Tea Party. We have been involved with Tea Party causes, protests, candidates, etc. since then.

We are grandparents in our early 70’s who are worried, not so much about ourselves, but who are worried sick about the type of Country our grandchildren will be living in. We are college graduates, worked in Corporate America for over 30 years, raised two wonderful daughters who are outstanding citizens, have 3 wonderful Grandchildren and are comfortably retired. We love this Country dearly and are very, very grateful to those who had the wisdom to found it and to those who have had the courage to defend it.

We have so many friends that feel the same way and we wonder, are we in the majority or are we really just a tiny segment of the populations, as the Liberals like to say? Since the Liberal Establishment is so vicious in their attacks, we think that they must feel that there are more of us than it makes them comfortable, and they are afraid of what our movement can do to their agenda.

Witness the IRS scandal. It is amusing and sort of sad to hear the Liberal Establishment depicts us as “terrorists”, “anarchists”, “dangerous”, “arsonists”, etc. We are just regular Americans who want to live and let live, who love this Country and who want to preserve it for the next generation. It is as simple as that.

I happen to be an American by choice, (Mexican-American heritage). I know what is like to grow up in the Third World and it makes me very uneasy to start seeing things I grew up with in Mexico, such as the eroding of our personal safety and property rights, and the increase of “Crony” Capitalism and corruption, becoming more and more common in this Country.

It is my feeling that many of our young people now days should visit one of those “Socialist” countries they think we should emulate and see how the “real people,” not the “elites,” do live there. They have no idea of what this Country is all about and how fortunate they are to have been born as an American.

We have no choice but to continue “fighting” in any way we can.

The Republican Party needs to learn to communicate the ideas of Liberty, Limited Government and the Free Market in a more articulate and effective way. They really have been so ineffective to date.



Thanks Georgina for your eloquent statement, which I think speaks for many who associate themselves with the Tea Party and its advocates in Congress. I’m deeply sorry the man who is supposed to be president of all of us thinks of you as an enemy.

The Tea Party is Both Sensible and Victorious

I realize that sounds quite delusional to many people, particularly here in Washington. But it makes total, absolute sense.

The muttering class Inside the Beltway is very pleased with itself: The doomed Tea Party strategy is foundering on the shoals of idiocy, just like they said it would. The Republican “brand” has been downgraded yet again. America looks foolish abroad: “The world has reacted mostly with disbelief that a superpower could fall into such dysfunction,” wrote the New York Times today. Reasonable people will soon be back in charge so they can do reasonable things in a reasonable way without all these Tea Party lunatics stirring up trouble.

Let me tell all of you something:


A state of dysfunction, mind you, brought to you by the “reasonable” people who have been striking deals for years that have created $17 trillion in debt and a possibly irreversible degree of Socialism that is lobotomizing our tradition of independent thinking and creativity, crippling free enterprise, and carving the soul out of the moral, God-fearing ethic that has made this nation the greatest on earth.

You’ll see them all on the Sunday talk shows, concurring solemnly with each other about the need to avoid such shenanigans again so our system can resume functioning in a normal manner.

But as you and I know, “normal” has become a state of somnolence in which our leaders steadily sleepwalk us into the abyss.

We are adding new entitlements, even as the old ones are tens of trillions of dollars in debt. That’s right, tens of trillions. That’s what it will cost to make sure our children get the same Medicare and Social Security benefits their grandparents are enjoying.

We have begun a vast new economic arrangement, Obamacare, imposed by one ruling Party on the entire nation, that will ensure our children will one day die needlessly from a ruined health care delivery system and that will invite the federal government into countless aspects of our lives.

The “crisis” that would ensue if we breach the debt ceiling is not something caused by the Tea Party. It is a manifestation of the crisis that already exists. WE ARE ALREADY UNABLE TO PAY OUR BILLS WITHOUT THE HELP OF COMMUNIST CHINESE BUREAUCRATS. WAKE UP AMERICA!

That’s all the Tea Party is saying to people. That’s all that’s happening here. The economic chaos and harm that might ensue if there is breach of the debt ceiling is no more than a preview of the meltdown that is on the way once all the bills catch up with us and once the U.S. has declined to the point that the savages replace us as the world’s preeminent economic and military power.

Man’s ability to ignore uncomfortable truths and live in a preferred reality is remarkable. People spend years avoiding problems they know will cause them great harm down the road. But when it’s the government, this tendency is multiplied. No one really is responsible, and everyone will simply point the finger at someone else when things collapse and then go out and campaign for reelection as the only ones who can “fix” things.

The Tea Party, with its willingness to demand a stop to this freak show by shuttering the government and halting debt payments, is revolutionary, but not radical. Because sometimes revolutionary action is the reasonable course. The Tea Party is no more radical than were our Founding Fathers, who also staged a revolution when there was no other choice.

Summarizing some polling data, the Wall Street Journal today presents a picture of who the Tea Party regulars are:

Many frustrated liberals, and not a few pundits, think that people who share these beliefs must be downscale and poorly educated. The New York Times survey found the opposite. Only 26% of tea-party supporters regard themselves as working class, versus 34% of the general population; 50% identify as middle class (versus 40% nationally); and 15% consider themselves upper-middle class (versus 10% nationally). Twenty-three percent are college graduates, and an additional 14% have postgraduate training, versus 15% and 10%, respectively, for the overall population. Conversely, only 29% of tea-party supporters have just a high-school education or less, versus 47% for all adults.

Many tea-party supporters are small businessmen who see taxes and regulations as direct threats to their livelihood. Unlike establishment Republicans who see potential gains from government programs such as infrastructure funding, these tea partiers regard most government spending as a deadweight loss. Because many of them run low-wage businesses on narrow margins, they believe that they have no choice but to fight measures, such as ObamaCare, that reduce their flexibility and raise their costs—measures to which large corporations with deeper pockets can adjust.

In other words, the Tea Party is comprised of SENSIBLE PEOPLE hoping to restore some sense to the nonsense prevailing in Washington. They have come to the conclusion that, faced with a president who wants nothing but to expand government and a Congress unable to impose the thorough restructuring necessary to save the union, extraordinary measures are needed.

And, with tears in my eyes as I write this, I tell you, I don’t know if they will ever succeed. I don’t know if good people with the values that would save this country can withstand the monumental, grinding combined force of a government that sucks the life from the nation so it can itself live and a population that has grown habituated to the guarantee that other people’s money will be – and must be – provided to them.

But the people comprising this movement are right to give it a try. Surprising things do happen. And what other alternative is there?

The Tea Party is making a stand. The pundits will say, if legislation reopening the government and raising the debt limit passes, that the Tea Party has been defeated today. But to the extent conservatives have revived a movement, drawn attention to the problem, and even forced a president with his eye on the next deadline into negotiations, there will be victory in defeat.

NY Times Book Review Likens Tea Party to the Klan

A piece in Sunday’s New York Times book review section compared the Tea Party to the Ku Klux Klan.

The review, written for the Times by historian Kevin Boyle, evaluates two new books on the Klan. It opens with an indirect but unmistakable suggestion that the Tea Party is a modern version of the racist white supremacist organization.

Imagine a political movement created in a moment of terrible anxiety, its origins shrouded in a peculiar combination of manipulation and grass-roots mobilization, its ranks dominated by Christian conservatives and self-proclaimed patriots, its agenda driven by its members’ fervent embrace of nationalism, nativism and moral regeneration, with more than a whiff of racism wafting through it.

No, not that movement. The one from the 1920s, with the sheets and the flaming crosses and the ludicrous name meant to evoke a heroic past. The Invisible Empire of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, they called it. And for a few years it burned across the nation, a fearsome thing to ­behold.

That a portrayal of the Tea Party as a racist and intolerant movement could get past the editors of the New York Times is perhaps not surprising, given what I think are widely held assumptions about the movement among the Northeast’s liberal ruling class.

What is somewhat shocking is the prevalence of these views given the fervent – even stubborn, in my view – embrace by the Tea Party of Herman Cain. I don’t think any of the GOP candidates has aroused more passion among conservatives this year, including Newt Gingrich.

Beyond probably being racist, the Tea Party is generally thought – in the non-conservative sectors of my city, Washington – to be amply comprised of boneheads and jerks.

For example, you cannot in polite company in Washington say, “You know, those Tea Party people, I think they have some really smart ideas,” without being laughed out of the room or, at best, have people quietly go back to their typing and try to pretend nothing just happened.

I am sure that Tea Party members are viewed in negative terms by the Obama people, most of whom fit quite nicely into mainstream Washington. The upcoming campaign, which will feature corrosive attack rhetoric against Republicans from the president, will no doubt exacerbate the misperceptions and suspicions about the Tea Party.

The Times, which thinks of itself as our nation’s newspaper of record and which at the very least helps shape elite opinion, should be combating dangerous stereotypes, not promoting them.

Obama Compares Occupiers to Tea Party

President Obama Tuesday characterized the Occupy Wall Street crowd and the Tea Party as sort of two sides of the same coin, suggesting they were both just venting frustration that the system isn’t working for them.

Obama spoke during an interview with ABC’s Jake Tapper:

You asked earlier about “Occupy Wall Street” and what I’ve said is that I understand the frustrations that are being expressed in those protests. In some ways, they’re not that different from some of the protests that we saw coming from the Tea Party, both on the left and the right.

I think people feel separated from their government, that the institutions aren’t looking out for them and that the most important thing we can do right now is those of us in leadership, letting people know that we understand their struggles, we are on their side and that we want to set up a system in which hard work, responsibility, doing what you’re supposed to do, is rewarded, and that people who are irresponsible, who are reckless, who don’t feel a sense of obligation to their communities and to their companies and to their workers, that those folks aren’t rewarded.

The president either misunderstands the Occupy Wall Street protests or he is purposely minimizing their extremism.

There is a fundamental difference between the two groups which allows no comparison.

The members of the Tea Party want to work within the system to change policies they find repugnant and think are ruining the country. The Occupy Wall Street protestors think the system itself – political and economic – is repugnant and want to overturn it. Fully a third told a Democratic pollster they would use violence to achieve their ends.

Many of those protesting are veteran malcontents who are outraged in general, not in response to the current misery of their fellow citizens.

The Tea Party is made up of people unhappy with specific policies. The OWS protestors are using people outraged by specific policies to advance long-held beliefs.

The Tea Party and the OWS extremists have absolutely nothing it common. It is remarkable, and it is deeply insulting to those who comprise the Tea Party, that the president would compare the two.

Terrorists to Hold Jobs Fair Outside Obama Birthday Party

Oh no. This is going to ruin everything.

President Obama tomorrow night is set to host a lavish birthday bash in Chicago where some revelers will be paying up to $35,800 in donations to his campaign in order to listen to stars perform and to hobnob with the prez and eat really good unhealthy food.

But terrorists – aka Tea partyers – will rudely be staging some kind of jobs fair across the street, and apparently will move in on the party to see if any of the Limousine Liberals are hiring. From a report in the Washington Times:

Also waiting for Mr. Obama outside the ballroom will be tea-party activists holding a “jobs bash” to call attention to the weak economy and what they view as the president’s failed leadership. It’s being organized by William J. Kelly of Chicago, who writes a tea-party report that appears in The Washington Times and other publications.

“All of my friends are out of work,” Mr. Kelly said. “The president is out here trying to raise money to get reelected, and we want real Americans to have jobs.”

The owner of a television production company, Mr. Kelly said his event will be a jobs fair for unemployed Chicagoans.

“It just happens to be right across the street from the president’s birthday bash,” he said. “So we’ll head over to the president’s party to see if any of his rich donors are hiring.”

Of course, no one likes to hire terrorists, unless the company is specifically in the terrorism business, so my thought is this is really just an attempt to RUIN the president’s birthday party.

But it will never work. Since there will be terrorists on hand, the Transportation Security Administration will be out in force to take everyone’s clothes off, making it even more difficult for the terrorists – I’m sorry, Tea Partyers – to get hired.

More than 97 percent of people who get jobs, according to a recent Pew Survey, have their clothes on during the job interview.

“This is a big fucking deal,” said Joe Biden, who recently coined the term “terrorists” for Tea Party members. “If they try to enter during the piñata breaking event, in which I plan to participate, I’ll stop whacking the piñata, start whacking the terrorists, and then go back to whacking the piñata.”

Several Tea Party activists contacted said they were really scared.