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Treasury Secretary Mnuchin “Surrounded” by Wall Street Democrats

It’s incredible that President Trump continues to operate a conservative administration given the number of Democrats in his orbit.

His national economic council director Gary Cohn is a Democrat, as is probably his closest advisor, Jared Kushner. Ivanka Trump is a moderate Republican at best. I have little notion of what the politics are of his chief of staff, John Kelly, but I somehow doubt he’s a movement conservative.

Trump does have Steven Miller, his top domestic policy advisor, who is a conservative populist, as well as Council of Economic Advisor Chairman Kevin Hassett, who is a conservative. And of course, several Cabinet secretaries are proven conservatives, including Attorney General Jeff Sessions and HUD Secretary Ben Carson.

But not Mnuchin, who wields enormous power. According to Politico:

Mnuchin prefers to lean on a very small, insular group of aides — Craig Phillips, Eli Miller, Justin Muzinich, Tony Sayegh, Drew Maloney and Brent McIntosh — which has generated frustration among career staff . . .

The White House also continues to distrust Mnuchin’s handling of his own personnel and reluctance to hire additional aides, particularly right-leaning ones, according to two senior administration aides.

He’s opted to leave vacant a number of key positions — including undersecretary for domestic finance, one of the highest-ranked positions in the agency, and deputy Treasury secretary — while surrounding himself with former Wall Street executives, many of them Democrats.

At one point earlier this year, the White House nudged Mnuchin to fire Phillips, a Treasury counselor dealing with housing finance and financial deregulation who acts as the de facto undersecretary. Phillips is a former donor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and an ex-Wall Street executive widely seen by Republicans as insufficiently conservative. Mnuchin declined.

Trump Attends Wedding of Treasury Secretary Mnuchin

From the White House pool report:

President Trump and the First Lady arrived at the Mellon Auditorium in DC at 6:32 after the short half mile minute ride just a couple blocks down Constitution Avenue – past crowds of onlookers snapping pics.

They are attending the wedding of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and the Scottish actress Louise Linton. Vice President Pence is also scheduled to be here.

Pool got a very quick glimpse from a distance of POTUS in a black tie tuxedo and Melania Trump in a pink blush dress.

Here’s what we know about FLOTUS’s ensemble, per her spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham: “She will be wearing a Gilles Mendel silk chiffon gown with Manolo Blahnik pumps.”

The wedding is taking place at the Mellon Auditorium, a historic government-owned public space that is connected to the US Environmental Protection Agency’s headquarters and right around the block from the Trump International Hotel. The auditorium has hosted a variety of big events over the years: FDR re-launched the mandatory military draft here in 1940; Harry S. Truman signed the North Atlantic Treaty establishing NATO here in 1949; Bill Clinton signed NAFTA here in 1993. It was also the set for ‘West Wing,’ ‘Transformers’ and ‘Top Chef.’

The president spent more than four hours at the wedding, returning to the White House close to 11:00 pm ET.