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The Top Five Bad Things in Obama’s SOTU Speech

As promised . . .

1. Rule by decree. “America does not stand still, and neither will I. (Applause.) So wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families, that’s what I’m going to do.”

Goes without saying. Partly because we’ve said it here many times. Legislating by the executive branch is not quite what Jefferson and Madison intended.

2. Look at me! “That’s what drew our forebears here. It’s how the daughter of a factory worker is CEO of America’s largest automaker — (applause) — how the son of a barkeeper is speaker of the House — (cheers, applause) — how the son of a single mom can be president of the greatest nation on Earth.”

Not very classy to point to yourself. And anyway, there’s lots of children of single parents out there. It’s tough, to be sure, but it’s not like he was raised by wolves.

3. Highway slaughter. “When we rescued our automakers, for example, we worked with them to set higher fuel efficiency standards for our cars. In the coming months I’ll build on that success by setting new standards for our trucks so we can keep driving down oil imports and what we pay at the pump.”

Stop him before he kills again! Fuel standards lighten up cars, make them less safe, kill people, and in the grand scheme of things do absolutely nothing to reduce global warming.

4. Iran gets its bomb. “If Iran’s leaders do not seize this opportunity, then I will be the first to call for more sanctions and stand ready to exercise all options to make sure Iran does not build a nuclear weapon.”

Does anyone, at this point, find such a claim from this president credible? He’ll strike a deal that maintains Iran’s “peaceful” nuclear program, and then they’ll string us along, invite inspectors in, throw them out, and so forth, until, Voil√†, la bombe!

5. That’s enough applause for you. As I mentioned earlier, in The Five Best Things About Obama’s Speech, the president’s decision to place Sergeant Cory Remsburg in the First Lady’s box was laudable, and his comments about Remburg were gracefully put. But as the seismic applause for a genuine American hero rolled on – one minute thirty four seconds according to one count I saw – Obama decided to step in and end it. “My fellow Americans — my fellow Americans ,” he interrupted. Why?

A conservative of course can find many more faults with the speech. But I thought I’d point out the highlights.

The Five Best Things About Obama’s SOTU Speech

Yes, President Obama said some stuff in his State of the Union address that conservatives could like. No, he’s not about to recast himself as Milton Friedman. But there were some positive notes:

1. Tax reform. Obama professes to want to reform the tax code to eliminate all the loopholes enacted by the Chamber of Commerce. I’m sorry, I mean the Chambers of Congress.

It’s nice, except that Obama wants to abolish the accepted notion that tax reform should be revenue neutral, using it to raise taxes and throw the money at “upgrading our ports, unclogging our commutes” and so forth. If Republicans can suppress Obama’s tax and spend impulse, this could be a good thing.

2. Slash Bureaucracy and “streamline the permitting process for infrastructure construction jobs.” Okay, I’m down with slashing bureaucracy. And infrastructure building is a core government function. As long as you don’t then turn around to entrepreneurs, point to their businesses, and scold them, “you didn’t build that.”

3. Cut red tape to help businesses build new natural gas factories. Yes, cut red tape, nice, good. Of course, he wants to use natural gas to power “green” natural gas vehicles, which will require lots of government mandates and taxpayer support. Bad.

4. Some kind of new IRA. Not sure how serious about this he is because he couldn’t even pronounce it. But I’d take a look at a new savings idea. Savings good.

5. Sergeant First Class Cory Remsburg. What an beautiful gesture to our troops and to one hero in partricular. Very sincerely and eloquently introduced by Obama. High marks for this one.

Of course, we do accountability here, so coming up next, the five worst things about Obama’s SOTU speech. Stay tuned.