In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Stacy Abrams: Biden Sexual Assault Charge is False

Suddenly, “believe all women” has been updated to, “Believe all women who are not making allegations against the Democratic nominee.” “I believe Joe Biden,” said Stacy Abrams, who recently announced that she would cut off her right arm and a portion of her left leg to be his running mate. “I think that he is telling the truth, and that this did not happen,” she

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Stacy Abrams Revs Up Lobbying to be Biden’s VP

Traditionally, the way to be selected as a running mate is to pretend that you don’t care but your “flattered to be considered.” If Joe Biden submits to a pressure campaign like this, it would only be another sign he’s not the right guy for the top job. For her, it increases her visibility and helps everyone pretend that she should be a serious candidate

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