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Romney Raised $101 Million in July, Tops Obama

Updated 9:51 am ET

Mitt Romney raised $101.3 million in July, his campaign announced today, beating President Obama again in the money race despite the president’s relentless efforts to generate cash.

Obama raised $75 million in July, his campaign Tweeted this morning.

It’s the second month in a row Romney has far outpaced the president. In June, Romney raised $106 million, compared to $71 million taken in by Obama.

The money, which goes not only to campaign but to the Republican National Committee and state-based GOP efforts, brings Romney’s total cash on hand to $185.9 million. Much of the money to be spent by the RNC will be used for Romney’s benefit.

Obama is believed to have somewhat lower cash reserves.

According to the Romney campaign, 94 percent of donations received in July were for $250 or less, resulting in $25.7 million of the July gross. According to the Obama campaign, 98 percent of its donations were in the same category.

The huge cash pile accumulated by Romney helps explain the mad dash for funds by President Obama, who has been traveling the country nonstop seeking donations.


Romney Raised $106 Million in June

The Romney campaign announced this morning that it had raised $106.1 million in June, a startling sum that highlights the money advantage Mitt Romney will have over President Obama this year.

According to the Romney campaign:

  • $106.1 Million Raised In June
  • 94% Of All Donations Received In June Were $250 Or Less
  • $22.3 Million Raised By Donations Under $250 In June
  • 536,729 Donations Received Under $250 In June
  • Approximately $160 Million Cash On Hand

From conversations I’ve had with Republicans, I can tell you there is one thing the Romney campaign knows how to do: raise money. The Romney folks are even better at this than the George W. Bush campaign, alternately coddling and importuning donors with such well organized zeal that the pocketbooks and purses open up like magic.

That is, this is more than frustration with Obama that is driving cash into Romney’s coffers. It’s a talented fundraising operation.

Whether the operation knows what to do with that money, and its candidate, is another matter.

Romney Fundraising Eclipses Obama’s

Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee outraised President Obama and the Democratic National Committee by nearly $17 million in May, taking in $76.8 million compared to Obama’s $60 million.

The RNC tweeted the fundraising take this morning.

The news is a sure sign that for Republicans, 2008 is finally history. That is, the days when the Obama money juggernaut dwarfed Republican fundraising efforts are not going to return.

In fact, with Republican Super PACs far outraising their Democratic rivals and Obama’s fundraising trailing his campaign’s goals, the president may find himself at something of a disadvantage when it comes to political spending.

Obama Super Pac Fail. Again.

The pro-Obama’s Super Pac Priorities USA raised a pitiful $1.6 million in April, bringing in some $3 million less than the pro-Romney Restore Our Future, Politico reports.

The group stumbled even after the White House dropped its abhorrence of PACs and started prodding Democrats to contribute to it.

Priorities USA has $4.7 million on hand, less than Restore Our Future. Another major GOP PAC, American crossroads, the Karl Rove-backed venture, had some $24 million amassed at the end of March.

The poor performance of Priorities USA comes as Mitt Romney is drawing nearly even in his personal fundraising effort to President Obama. If Obama wins this year, it won’t be because he can wildly outspend is GOP rival, like he did in 2008.

Romney Fundraising Nearly Matches Obama’s

Mitt Romney raised $40.1 million in April, just a little bit shy of the $43.6 million raised the same month by President Obama, the New York Times reports.

Romney’s take is a huge $12.6 million step up from his March fundraising total, while Obama’s represents a nearly $10 million decline.

Romney could easily have eclipsed Obama in April except for a technicality. Romney’s emergence as the presumptive GOP candidate in April made him able to raise money jointly with the Republican National Committee, in the same way Obama does with the Democratic National Committee. Donations to the RNC and DNC are capped at a higher total, but Romney didn’t hold his first combined event with the RNC until April 14.

Money raised by the candidates for the DNC and the RNC is almost indistinguishable from money raised for themselves, since both of the party committees plan to spend nearly all of their money on the presidential race.

Romney’s now proven ability to fundraise in the same league as Obama and the proliferation of well-financed GOP Super-PACs suggests that Republicans should have no fear of repeating the 2008 debacle of being vastly outspent by Obama.

Romney is also not fairing too poorly in the “man of the people” race, as his campaign says that 95 percent of his donations were for $250 or less.

The Obama campaign said 98 percent of its donations were for less than $250.