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Obamas, Bidens to Steer Clear of the Zika Olympics

Normally, the president, the vice president or members of their families lead the delegations to the Olympic games.

But this year, YIKA! IT’S ZIKA!

I can’t prove that’s why the Obamas and Bidens aren’t going, but . . . that’s why they’re not going, okay??

Here’s who went over the last 20 years, according to Politifact:

Presidential Olympic attendance

In 2014, a low-level delegation was sent amid poor relations with Russia, which hosted the winter Olympics.

One would have expected the Obamas, who love vacations and exotic travel and have less to do now that the president is a lame duck, to be all over this. But looks like the mosquitos shooed them off.

Instead, this year’s official presidential delegation will be led by the hapless Secretary of State John Kerry.