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Growing Democratic Radicalism Could Well Ensure Trump’s Reelection

From a piece I have running today on the NBC News website’s “Think” Section:

With the midterms mere weeks away, Democrats are already preparing to invoke the era of Richard M. Nixon and Watergate. Anticipating a “blue wave” that will retake the House in November, they have started laying out plans for impeachment proceedings — or at least serious investigations with that goal in mind.

But the Democrats’ political positions, combined with their actions during and in the wake of the confirmation hearings for now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s U.S. Supreme Court nomination, suggest a different Nixon-era touchstone: his 1972 landslide re-election.

The actions of Democrats in 1972 helped propel a Republican president originally brought into office by the closest of margins in 1968, supported by Americans who feared their way of life was under assault by potentially violent leftists.

The legitimate fears among conservatives and many others that heated up during the election of Donald Trump remain on a simmer.

Democrats now appear to be priming for a new George McGovern moment. Trump voters see the opposition undermining established political and social norms; seeming to condone potential political violence; doubling down on radical change; and offering up possible candidates even left of the liberals they’ve run in recent elections.

Have a look at the rest of the piece here! Thanks for checking it out.


Hillary’s Nixonian Approach to Government Foretells Abuse of Power

Like Nixon did, Hillary Clinton confuses her personal interests with those of the government. Voters fearful of Donald Trump might want to consider that giving Hillary power affords her the chance to use it for herself and against her enemies.

From a piece I did for LifeZette.

One of the least noted but most frightening aspects of Hillary Clinton’s scheme to safeguard her official emails and then try to erase thousands of them is the utter contempt she holds for the rules of governing.

The purpose of commandeering all those emails is as self-evident as the agenda of a six-year-old who hides candy under their pillow: She didn’t want anyone to see them.

Nixon was perhaps the most powerful political figure to completely confuse his own personal interests with those of the federal government — until the Clintons came along.

Such contempt can cause a lot of trouble, because it shows how willing a supremely powerful person is to employ the levers of government for their own purposes — and against their enemies.

You can read the rest of the article on LifeZette.

David Frye Does Richard Nixon

I was watching the video below of former Fox News White House reporter James Rosen, with whom I used to work when he was at the White House, doing some impressions. He hits them dead on. Have a look.

So it got me thinking, this being a White House publication, about presidential impersonators. Given that this is a day for presidential humor, when President Obama will be cracking jokes with the press at the White House correspondents dinner, I thought I’d share this clip of David Frye doing Richard Nixon.

It’s from an album my dad had around and that I used to listen to as a kid. Yes, as a kid. I got the politics bug early. Anyway, I thought you might get a kick out of it.

Video || Obama Channels Nixon

I cannot remember a post-Nixon president compared more frequently to Richard Nixon than President Obama. Even Bill Clinton, with all his nonsense, wasn’t considered Nixonian.

Many of you were politically aware during the Nixon years. I’d be interested to hear some of your thoughts about why Obama reminds so many of RMN.

H/T for the video to one our readers, Susan.