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Holder Goes Racial

Attorney General Holder dropped the race card on the table today, throwing down a clear suggestion that the mistreatment he thinks he’s getting from Republicans is based not on the content of his character – which actually, it is – but on the color of his skin. From remarks today at Al Sharpton’s National Action… Continue Reading

Obama’s Racial Blunder

President Obama’s announcement today of a race-specific federal program, “My Brother’s Keeper,” is cause for concern – for whites, blacks, and Latinos. And concern on several levels. First of all, aren’t we all brothers? I’m serious. What about the civil rights of poor white and Asian men? What about, for that matter, low-income young women?… Continue Reading

Carney Refuses to Say GOP Opposition Based on Race

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Thursday commendably refused to play the race card, declining to agree that Republican opposition to two African Americans President Obama wanted for senior posts was about race and saying it was politics instead. Carney, who spoke during the White House briefing, indicated that neither current opposition to Rep. Mel Watt… Continue Reading

WSJ Accuses Holder of “Racial Politics”

Pretty blunt for the Wall Street Journal. According to an op-ed by the WSJ editors running today, Attorney General Eric Holder is suing states over their voting rights laws in order to gin up black voter turnout. All the evidence suggests that Mr. Holder’s real motive here is political. Portraying voter ID laws as racist… Continue Reading