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Gold Star Dad: Hey Trump, Where’s My 25 Grand, Dammit??

First of all, to Chris Baldridge, father of Army Sgt. Dillon Baldridge, who was killed in Afghanistan: I am very sorry for your loss. I have a son, and I can’t imagine what you are going through.

However, you have now chosen to make yourself part of the crusade against President Trump waged by Democrats, who attack him not only when he screws up but when he’s trying to do good things, like give comfort to Gold Star families and help Puerto Rico — which he rightly points out contributed to its own destruction by not managing its affairs but which will still receive billions in federal aid.

The president of the United States spent 15 minutes of his valuable time talking to you. You complained during the conversation, obviously hoping the president would somehow get you some cash, that your wife was the beneficiary of your son’s $100,000 death gratuity, and that you don’t have much money. Trump apparently graciously offered you $25,000 out of his own wallet to help you out. But the check never arrived.

Instead of contenting yourself with a decently long, obvious more-than-pro-forma phone call from the president, you went to the Washington Post and joined in the anti-Trump pile-on, complaining that an additional condolence he provided in the form of a letter had no money with it.

“I opened it up and read it, and I was hoping to see a check in there, to be honest . . . I know it was kind of far-fetched thinking. But I was like, ‘Damn, no check.’ Just a letter saying ‘I’m sorry,’” you told the Post, which of course put six reporters on this vital story.

Sure, Trump should have sent the money he promised. But he has more than fulfilled his obligation to you. It is quite possible that he was being sincere in his offer, and that his failure to get you your check was simply an oversight. To allow yourself in this context to become part of the media feeding frenzy and systemic Democrat effort to take down the president is disgraceful, even for someone who is grieving terribly.

The federal entitlement state and the various grievance lobbies that support it have helped create a general sense of entitlement — and grievance — in the country. The notion of generosity to others has been transferred over the past several decades from victims’ friends, neighbors, and countrymen to the impersonal, cold hand of the state, and so everyone thinks they are entitled to things and nobody is particularly thankful.

Socialism steals the soul of a nation and ultimately makes it poorer too. In an effort to immunize society from all pain and random consequence, the Left has created a culture in which giving is an obligation — that is, paying lots of taxes — and taking is a right. And so a man can run to the press demanding $25,000 from the president. And the mayor of San Juan can sink her teeth into the hand that is trying to feed her city and demand to know why billions of dollars in generous aid aren’t getting to her faster — without a hint of shame over her island’s prior condition or gratitude for the help.

San Juan Mayor Critical of Trump is a Terrorist-Supporting Leftist

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz has been instrumental in the Democrat narrative that President Trump has failed to help hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico because he is racist against Latinos and probably doesn’t know that Puerto Ricans are Americans.

First of all, he’s done business on the island, so he certainly knows it’s America.

But secondly, Ms. Cruz, who unlike other Puerto Rican officials has attacked the federal response, has her own agenda. She may be running for governor of the island, and her populist anger will surely resonate with voters. What’s more, she is a hard left radical who no doubt viscerally despise President Trump.

From the New York Times:

In Puerto Rico, her outspokenness has come as little surprise. Before the hurricane, Ms. Cruz was known for a left-leaning populist streak and a tendency to speak in blunt and emotional terms.

She is also an unapologetic supporter of Oscar López Rivera, the Puerto Rican militant associated with a group that carried out a deadly campaign of bombings in New York and other cities in the 1970s and 1980s.

Actually, Rivera isn’t just a “militant.” He is a convicted terrorist.

The Times continues:

This year, the mayor offered Mr. López, the militant nationalist, a job with the city of San Juan after he was freed from prison in May, after 35 years behind bars. Mr. López said he would not take the job, but the news spurred heated criticism of the mayor on talk radio and elsewhere.

She was hardly a well-known figure when she ran for mayor in 2012 against a 12-year incumbent, Jorge Santini, who misjudged the threat and seemed to belittle her by calling her “esa señora,” or that woman. He also characterized her as a Venezuelan-style socialist. Ms. Cruz, meanwhile, stitched together a coalition of students; lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender groups; and people simply fed up with the status quo, and won. She was re-elected handily in 2016 against a lackluster opponent.

Critics say that the quality of life has not improved much under Ms. Cruz. “The first four years she didn’t do anything,” said Irene Junco, 65, a San Juan pizzeria owner. The mayor’s emotional criticism of Mr. Trump, Ms. Junco said, seemed to her like a way to ramp up a run for governor.

“I think she’s taking advantage of the moment, like all politicians, for her own benefit,” Ms. Junco said.

While the U.S. media laps up her attacks and portrays her as the singular authority on the U.S. response to the hurricane, others on the island are not fans. According to Paul Bedard’s Washington Secrets:

The mayor of a Puerto Rican city that sits next to San Juan praised the administration’s help Saturday night, and chided the “politics” of San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, who has been criticizing President Trump.

In an interview with Secrets, Guaynabo Mayor Angel Perez Otero said that in several meetings with FEMA and U.S. military officials about the recovery effort, Yulin Cruz has been absent. “I’ve seen other mayors participating. She’s not,” said Perez Otero.

The island’s infrastructure, which was tottering before the hurricane, has been wiped out. It’s simply not possible to point to a lack of help and blame it on Trump when getting aid to the people in some cases is a logistical impossibility.

The Puerto Rican hurricane is an incalculable tragedy. That Democrats want to use a tragedy for their own political purposes is hardly surprising or unusual. And that the media collude in the effort is hardly news either.

Puerto Rican Governor: Trump Has Responded “Quickly”

There seems to be a growing media meme that while, okay, we’ll give you that Trump did well enough with Houston and Florida, his racist instincts have kicked in and he’s ignoring Puerto Rico.

Trump Tuesday announced that he will go to Puerto Rico and possibly the U.S. Virgin Islands next week. And this just in from the governor of the island:

We are very grateful for the administration. They have responded quickly. The president has been very attentive through the situation, personally calling me several times.

Everyone knows that Barack Obama would not have called the governor of Puerto Rico – or anywhere else – more than once, at the most, to cover his ass. But Trump will get no credit. The president is aware of the what’s developing, and his tweet last night was an attempt to be proactive by getting people to understand that one reason Puerto Rico will not be getting back on its feet quickly is that the island had – sorry to be so blunt – devastated itself before the hurricane did.

Trump tweeted:

Texas & Florida are doing great but Puerto Rico, which was already suffering from broken infrastructure & massive debt, is in deep trouble. It’s old electrical grid, which was in terrible shape, was devastated. Much of the Island was destroyed, with billions of dollars owed to Wall Street and the banks which, sadly, must be dealt with. Food, water and medical are top priorities – and doing well.

Bitter and angry Hillary Clinton of course sought to drum up anti-Trump sentiment over the hurricane response by saying she didn’t think Trump even understood that Puerto Ricans were Americans. She gets that this plays well into the Democratic meme that Trump is anti-Hispanic, and so she hopes take advantage of the tragedy to divide Americans in order to hurt Trump.

Meantime, hopefully Puerto Rico will get better help than did Haiti, where the corrupt Clintons somehow got ahold of the operation and milked it to the benefit of them and their cronies.