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Video || Obama’s Back and Pretending to be High-Minded About Redistricting

All of a sudden, Democrats have become very noble about redistricting, seeking to take the politics out of it.

But of course, the true reason is not good citizenship, but that the politics are bad for them. According to the Washington Post:

Republicans are in complete control of the offices in charge of redistricting in 21 states, meaning they either A) control the governor’s mansion and both chambers of the state legislature or B) they have veto-proof majorities in both legislative chambers regardless of the governor’s party. Democrats maintain a similar advantage in just five states.

In the overwhelming majority of states, redistricting is handled just like any other piece of legislation. Lawmakers in legislative chambers work together to draw maps and submit them to the governor for approval. The party in control of the government also controls the redistricting process.

So the Democrats have trotted out Barack Obama, the leftist Chicago machine-politics veteran who is doing his usual “above politics” and “I’m a moderate” schtick.

The man who steamrollered Obamacare through Congress with only Democratic votes – and the bipartisan opposition of Republicans and 34 Democrats – wants to lecture us that gerrymandering makes Congress too partisan and not “reasonable.”

Of course, by reasonable, he means policies he supports.