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Tan Obama Suit Sparks Twitter Explosion

Forget what he said. He didn’t say anything in particular that we don’t already know. But . . . the suit!

President Obama stepped to the podium of the White House briefing room Thursday in a tan suit, something he almost never wears, prompting an eruption of tweets that no doubt shook the Twitter website to its core. By one count, more than 4,000 tweets about the suit were launched during the press conference itself.

Some scenes from the Twitterverse, courtesy of the Washington Post and Politico.

Obama tan suit 1

Obama tan suit 4

Obama tan suit 6

Obama tan suit 7

Obama tan suit 8

Obama tan suit 3

Obama tan suit 2

Inside the White House || Rose Garden – October 1, 2013

President Obama took to the Rose Garden on Shutdown Day /Obamacare-Launch-Day to blast Republicans and assure the country that everything is fine with Obamacare, despite all appearances to the contrary.

Accompanying him were a group of people who stand to get health insurance now that the miracle of Obamacare has arrived. And . . .


What was that phrase from? I remember hearing that on TV somewhere.

Anyhoo . . . I took some pictures for you.


Waiting for the Oval Office door to open and POTUS to emerge . . .



Now we’re talking. Sullen Sebelius makes sure everyone’s listening.



Obama reads from his trusty teleprompter.



Here’s what teleprompter has to say.



Valerie Jarrett looks on with pride. She hates being photographed in the Rose Garden.



Reporters listen up, with Rose Garden, Colonnade, and Residence in the background.



Court photographer Pete Souza loads up for another propaganda shot.



Obama with the Obamacare beneficiaries. Obviously, for several, their first stop will be the cardiologist’s office.

Okay, I’m not exactly at my fighting weight either.



Obama flashes his, You can’t possibly disagree with me look.



Thank you Mr. President, for taking money from other people and giving it to me.



Okay, everybody back inside, show’s over.