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Thank You: Trump’s Budget Eliminates Funding for PBS, NPR

President Trump’s proposed budget would eliminate funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which funds PBS and NPR, according to The Hill.

Please, Congress, do this. Please. I know you won’t, but please.

If I were president, this would be the first thing I would propose to Congress. Forget national security. Forget the budget deficit. Defund these two, especially NPR.

I don’t watch PBS often because I don’t watch much television other than the news. But I know it’s quite liberal. I do end up listening to NPR sometimes because I turn the radio on in the car.

Oh, the smug voices. The casual assumption that liberal and left-wing politics is simply neutral, rational thought. The relentless attacks on President Trump and conservatives, both subtle and overt.

Now, don’t get me wrong, they have every right to an opinion. And I listen to NPR, and occasionally watch PBS, because there is sometimes interesting programming going. But the notion that taxpayers should have to fund a liberal agenda is abhorrent.

And I’m willing to bet the mean income of those who listen to these stations is at least twice that of average Americans. It’s programming for the intellectual elite, who usually make plenty of money. We now have all kinds of media options, including satellite radio and cable TV. If rich people want something stimulating to listen to or watch, they can pay for it, not have others foot the bill.