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The Obamas’ Panama City Hotel

A lot of people are interested in where the Obama’s stayed while in Panama City, Florida. Though it was hardly top secret, I wasn’t comfortable writing about it while they were there for security reasons. But now that they’re gone – they just got back to Washington – let me introduce you to the Bay Point Marriott Golf Resort & Spa. A relatively modest choice for Obama-style travel.

First of all, it has a policy, to which it seems some people get an exception. PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED.  Unless their name is Bo Obama. If Bo moonlighted as someone’s seeing eye dog, then he was allowed to stay as a regular guest, and our apologies for suspecting special treatment.

The Bay Point includes three restaurants and a pool bar. It has a spa, indoor and outdoor pools, and a gym. Coffee is served in the lobby. Newspapers are also available in the lobby, and you do not get one placed at your door unless you request it. You can get a complimentary boat ride to Shell Island, whatever the Hell that is.

The nicest room I could find was the “two Bedroom Larger Villa, Partial Golf view, Golf Villas, Balcony” costing $299 for a Saturday night stay. Others started at $149.

Here’s a nice view of the place at dusk. Or dawn, whatever.

Here’s the nice lobby.

Here’s one of the pools.

Here’s the swimming instructor.

The Obamas Go on a Boat Ride

Here’s a photo:

The pool report from Panama City, FL:

Potus’s boat, a converted 50-foot Navy Launch called the “Bay Point Lady” left the dock at 9:20 a.m. local time.

Flotus and Sasha are also aboard. Bo apparently is back at the hotel. U.S. Coast Guard vessels trailing along.

Potus, flotus and Sasha made their way to the bow pulpit and leaned against a metal railing. Potus is wearing a black polo shirt and khakis. First lady is in a black tank top and long shorts. Sasha in a yellow top. As luck would have it, a porpoise breached the surface a few yards from the Bay Point Lady,  to the delight of the First Family.

The boat has a large American flag waving from the stern.  Potus can be seen pointing, looking out at St. Andrews Bay and chatting with crew.

The Photo: Obama Goes Swimming in the Gulf

And he brought Sasha in too. Here’s the White House photo release. No coverage was allowed. Obama mentioned today that he didn’t want more photos circulating of him half naked, and Michelle more than concurred.

However, not much fish has been consumed yet. From the pool report:

Some details on POTUS, FLOTUS and Sasha’s lunch at Lime’s Bayside Bar and Grill, an open-air place out on a long pier with wooden tables featuring buckets of napkins and bottled water:

Pool is told the three of them shared fish tacos, chicken tenders and a burger, as well as an order of guacamole.