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Win for Trump: Opioid Use Declined Significantly Last Year

This is great news for the country. But it also helps President Trump’s reelection prospects, given that the opioid crisis affects areas of his base. He can now add this during his rallies to his list of accomplishments. Of course, more people are smoking pot, but that is mostly survivable, at least in the short term. According to the Washington Examiner: Heroin and prescription drug

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Trump Opioid Plan to Seek Death Penalty for Dealers

From Politico, which of course opposes the idea: The Trump administration is finalizing a long-awaited plan that it says will solve the opioid crisis, but it also calls for law enforcement measures — like the death penalty for some drug dealers — that public health advocates and congressional Republicans warn will detract from efforts to reverse the epidemic. The ambitious plan, which the White House

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