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White House: Obamas Vacation in Yosemite to Highlight Climate Change

Seriously. That’s the claim.

What about all the jets the government had to dispatch out there to support their trip? Probably raised the earth’s temperature another three degrees.

From the White House:

Why the President is traveling to Yosemite today:

National parks are an American invention. They are treasures in our national inheritance — millions of acres of public lands and waterways — that one generation passes on to the next. These beautiful spaces offer adventures for our children, essential protection for our wildlife, and support for local economies.

Yet, we aren’t entitled to them. Our public lands need our protection — they need our dedication to their upkeep and our commitment to their expansion.

And it falls on the shoulders of each new generation to carry on this stunning inheritance, because even though our national parks are vital to our future, the consequences of climate change are becoming more evident every day.

That’s why the First Family is traveling to Carlsbad Caverns and Yosemite National Parks this weekend.

Hmm. Maybe their August vacation to Martha’s Vineyard will be to focus the nation on the overfishing of lobsters.