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Trump Mocks Obama for “Magic Wand” Comment

Not sure where President Trump got this video, but I am sure he likes it.

Even the Washington Post Sunday finally admitted that manufacturing jobs are coming back, something every supposedly informed person I’ve listened to in the past few years said was impossible since we could rely instead on handy slave labor in China.

Blue-collar jobs are growing at their fastest rate in more than 30 years, helping fuel a hiring boom in many small towns and rural areas that are strong supporters of President Trump ahead of November’s midterm elections.

Jobs in goods-producing industries — mining, construction and manufacturing — grew 3.3 percent in the year preceding July, the best rate since 1984, according to a Washington Post analysis.

Blue-collar jobs, long a small and shrinking part of the U.S. economy, are now growing at a faster clip than those in the nation’s much larger service economy. Many factors collided to produce the blue-collar boom. Some are linked to short-term boom-and-bust cycles, but others may endure.

The rapid hiring in blue-collar sectors is delivering benefits to areas that turned out heavily for Trump in the 2016 election, according to the Brookings Institution, a shift from earlier in this expansion, when large and midsize cities experienced most of the gains.

Makes sense to me. Until we all get to heaven or hell, we’re always going to need “things,” no matter how much stuff goes online.

Trump on Watching Obama Speech: “I Fell Asleep”

Barack Obama Friday delivered a lengthy lecture to students at the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign about the sins of the past two years, kicking off his participation in the 2018 Midterm election.

President Trump watched, to the extent he could. “I found he’s very good for sleeping,” Trump said.

Here’s a sample from the Nyquil Address.

Same lecturing we heard for eight years. It could make anyone fall asleep, even t.fjdjkjhhkdssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

It’s Like the Beatles! Obamas Vacation in Martha’s Vineyard

The Obamas this month are connecting with their favorite demographic – wealthy liberals on vacation – once again hitting Martha’s Vineyard for their August vacation and making everyone go gaga!

According to the Martha’s Vineyard Times:

Golfing, bicycling, and visiting some of the Island’s restaurants are among the president’s August pastimes on-island. On Sunday he reportedly dined at the Red Cat in Oak Bluffs. Monday night, Barack and Michelle Obama went to The Cardboard Box — Ben DeForest’s new Oak Bluffs eatery. They emerged from the restaurant to a screaming throng outside on Circuit Ave. and waved to well-wishers before getting into a waiting SUV.

Just take a look below. It appears that they’re giving he Obamas the fascist salute, but they’re just trying to get over each others’ heads with their cell phone cameras.

Man, the guy did all this damage the the country, and look at them screaming for him.

And within 40 years there will be a monument to him on the Washington Mall dwarfing Jefferson’s and Lincoln’s, I guarantee it. They’re already razing half of Chicago to build his “library.”

Where Were the Calls to Prosecute Obama for Obstruction of Justice?

When Barack Obama did what President Trump is accused of, trying to influence a Justice Department investigation, there were no calls to impeach him or to prosecute him for obstruction. At least not among “mainstream” analysts.

The reasons, in short, are that Obama is favored by the mainstream media and that he didn’t have a special counsel looking into everything from whether he “colluded” with the Russians to whether he puts out the recycling bin on Tuesdays. But Obama did exactly what Trump did.

As you probably remember, last week Trump got in Big Trouble for calling on Attorney General Session to shut down Special Counsel Mueller’s Russia collusion probe, which seems focused on everything except Russia collusion.

But Obama repeatedly sought to minimize Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while the Justice Department was investigating it, saying it was just a “mistake” and did not jeopardize national security. Of course, he was more subtle about it than Trump, because he is more subtle than Trump. But it is clear Obama was commenting favorably and minimizing the potential crime of the subject of an ongoing investigation, Hillary Clinton.

According to the FBI inspector general’s report issued in June, this was deeply problematic for investigators. From excerpts assembled by National Review:

Former President Obama’s comments caused concern among FBI officials about the potential impact on the investigation. Former EAD John Giacalone told the OIG, “We open up criminal investigations. And you have the President of the United States saying this is just a mistake. . . . That’s a problem, right?” Former AD Randy Coleman expressed the same concern, stating, “[The FBI had] a group of guys in here, professionals, that are conducting an investigation. And the . . . President of the United States just came out and said there’s no there there.” Michael Steinbach, the former EAD for the National Security Branch, told the OIG that the comments generated “controversy” within the FBI. Steinbach stated, “You’re prejudging the results of an investigation before they really even have been started. . . .That’s . . . hugely problematic for us.” Department prosecutors also were concerned. Prosecutor 4 told the OIG that Obama’s statement was the genesis of the FBI’s suspicions that the Department’s leadership was politically biased. This prosecutor stated, “I know that the FBI considered those [statements] inappropriate. And that it . . . [generated] a suspicion that there was a political bias . . . going on from the Executive Branch.”

Attorney general Loretta Lynch didn’t like it either.

She told the OIG that she did not think the President should have made the comment on 60 Minutes. She stated, “I don’t know where it came from. And I don’t know, I don’t know why he would have thought that either, to be honest with you. Because, to me, anyone looking at this case would have seen a national security component to it. So I don’t, I truly do not know where he got that from.”

And don’t think that Obama was necessarily just protecting Hillary out of the goodness of his heart. By communicating with her on an unsecured email system, which he did, he too may have engaged in misconduct.

In fact, this is in some ways worse than what Trump did. Obama is trying to influence a probe that is going on within his own Justice Department. That’s a lot easier to do than to have an effect on an investigation being conducted by a special counsel, who has a much greater degree of independence.

What’s more, Sessions can’t even shut down the probe. He’s recused himself. I’ve heard some suggest Trump is uninformed or mistaken because the person he should be targeting is Deputy Attorney General Rod Sessions, who actually oversees Mueller.

But maybe Trump knows exactly what he is doing. Because how do you accuse someone of trying to obstruct justice when he’s trying to “influence” the wrong person?

Obama Suggests “Institutionalized Oppression” Exists in the United States

Another golden moment from Barack Obama’s speech this week in South Africa

We already know that he went to another country and attacked a sitting president. Even worse, I’ve now discovered, he attacked America, the country of which he used to be president.

It is a plain fact that racial discrimination still exists in both the United States and South Africa. And it is also a fact that the accumulated disadvantages of years of institutionalized oppression have created yawning disparities in income, and in wealth, and in education, and in health, in personal safety, in access to credit.

He’s right, there is still racism in this country, although a former president making negative statements about the United States overseas is bad form. But racism is no longer nearly as prevalent as it was, and it is not the chief factor keeping African Americans from gaining an equal economic footing with whites.

And we do not have institutionalized oppression in this country. No, we don’t.

Video || Obama’s Back and Pretending to be High-Minded About Redistricting

All of a sudden, Democrats have become very noble about redistricting, seeking to take the politics out of it.

But of course, the true reason is not good citizenship, but that the politics are bad for them. According to the Washington Post:

Republicans are in complete control of the offices in charge of redistricting in 21 states, meaning they either A) control the governor’s mansion and both chambers of the state legislature or B) they have veto-proof majorities in both legislative chambers regardless of the governor’s party. Democrats maintain a similar advantage in just five states.

In the overwhelming majority of states, redistricting is handled just like any other piece of legislation. Lawmakers in legislative chambers work together to draw maps and submit them to the governor for approval. The party in control of the government also controls the redistricting process.

So the Democrats have trotted out Barack Obama, the leftist Chicago machine-politics veteran who is doing his usual “above politics” and “I’m a moderate” schtick.

The man who steamrollered Obamacare through Congress with only Democratic votes – and the bipartisan opposition of Republicans and 34 Democrats – wants to lecture us that gerrymandering makes Congress too partisan and not “reasonable.”

Of course, by reasonable, he means policies he supports.

Obama: Trump Movement is “Based Largely on Fear.” So?

I listen to people like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, who think they’re great intellectuals, and I’m never impressed. Politicians make bad intellectuals. They’re in three businesses: Advancing an agenda; amassing power; and making people like them. Reflective thought is not their strong suit, though some pretend otherwise.

Ronald Reagan, who was assailed by the media and Democrats as a dum dum, actually had a coherent system of thought based on wide reading. But he is one of the few.

And so, with Obama, you get lots of platitudes that he thinks are profound, like “we are a nation of immigrants” and this one, that Trump and his supporters are ruled by “fear” while Obama and the progressives represent “hope.” As if some amount of fear was always bad, and hope with the absence of fear is always good.

From the Los Angeles Times at an event where Obama called himself the “Optimist in chief”:

Without once mentioning the president by name, former President Obama on Thursday drew sharp contrast between his eight years in office and the Trump administration.

“To a large degree, we are seeing a competition between two stories,” the former president told about 200 people at a high-dollar fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee in Beverly Hills.

“There’s the story that is based largely on fear, and there is a story based largely in hope. There’s the story that says we’re in it together, and there’s the story that says there’s an us and a them,” Obama told DNC Chairman Tom Perez during a conversation at the event.

“There’s a fundamental contrast of how we view the world,” the former president said, “and I think we are seeing the consequences of when one vision is realized, or at least in charge.”

So, if you bump into a lion while you’re out hiking, what’s better to have, hope or fear?

I suppose you could say that Chamberlain had a policy of hope, and Churchill had a policy of fear.

Millions of Trump voters took a look at the direction the country was going in and, yes, they had fear. Fear of a perpetually slow economy and stagnant wages; fear of a culture changing so rapidly and in so many negative ways, including attacks on religion and free speech; fear of unlimited immigration, a large amount of it illegal, that could not easily be assimilated; fear of a surrender of U.S. sovereignty to dubious international organizations and agreements.

Fear that they were losing their country.

Another profound point on the way

And it’s not fair to say Trump voters were without hope. If they were, they never would have turned out en masse in the election and voted for the one person they believed, despite his flaws, might stand in the way of the nation’s degradation and perhaps eventual disintegration: Donald Trump.

You can only abuse the goose – America – so long, they reasoned, before it stops laying the golden eggs. We are not a nation of immigrants. We are a nation of citizens, as Mark Levin points out. What makes us unique is that, remarkably – unlike in Europe, for example – immigrants add their small contribution to the culture while largely being absorbed into it. That’s not happening anymore.

And by the way, there is an us and a them. American citizens are “us.” Foreigners are “them.” We are not One World. We love all peoples, but we are not all peoples. We are America, we have a culture, we have traditions, and we have a philosophy, and to the extent those are being erased by “change agents” like Obama, it should create grave concern.

And fear.

Barry’s Back

Barack Obama is expected to hit the campaign trail around September to help Democratic candidates around the nation running for the Senate, the House, and for governor, according to CNBC.

That means lots of new lectures about “that’s not who we are” and what it takes to be an American, which is, being a liberal.

I would think the sight of Obama on the campaign trail will bring lots of conservatives to the polls, frightened off their couches by the prospect of a return to the era where leftists like Obama ran the country.

Liberals don’t need any more motivation, they’re already foaming at the mouth with hatred for conservatives and President Trump. So I’m not sure this helps Democrats.

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Trump: If Obama Did Like Me North Korea, Media Would Say He’s A Hero

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