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Video || Obama Sheds a Tear During his Final Rally

At what he says will be his final campaign rally ever, President Obama got emotional Monday night, tearing up as he spoke in Iowa, where his march to he presidency began with a victory in the 2008 Democratic primary there.

Obama had just visited his first presidential campaign field office, which was located in a building behind the stage where he was delivering his remarks.

It’s possible, though, that his internal polling is showing him something that may have also prompted a few tears.

Mrs. Obama’s Colorful Wardrobe

The video below is brought to you by one of our regular readers around here, Granny Jan, who videoblogs at Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty.

Mrs. Obama has – to put it in the scientific terminology used by the fashion industry – a lot of outfits. I would say the Dreams of My Father are being used to purchase the Dresses of My Wife.

Just wait. Once Obama is reelected, they’re going to turn the Green Room into a closet, I just know it. Or perhaps the Briefing Room . . .

Yes, the wealth is being spread around. But not all of it. There remains enough for a nice piece of cloth or two. Just look.