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Obamas on Their Way to Panama City

Here’s the pool report. Looks like Bo did not get a separate flight this time. What is ds great about Malia’s camp that she doesn’t get to go on any trips? President Obama arrived at Andrews AFB on Marine One at 9:44 a.m. He stepped into beautiful, sunny weather – low-humidity, the last he’ll see… Continue Reading

Will Obama Swim in Panama City?

That was easily the most asked question in the White House briefing today. The subtext is, will he risk getting coated in petroleum slime – or at least swallowing a few chemicals – in order to show everyone swimming in the Gulf is safe? Will he subject his children to it? Will Michelle jump in… Continue Reading

Michelle’s Not-So-Excellent Vacation

The Scene: President Obama, Michelle, and White House political guru David Axelrod are sitting in the Blue Room discussing the Obamas’ vacation plans. Michelle is surprised to learn that she has misunderstood them, and that she is flying down to Panama City, Fla. for the night this Saturday. ************************ Michelle: You said we were going… Continue Reading

Panama City Theater, Starring ‘The Obamas’

The White House is starting to release more details of the president and his family’s upcoming “vacation” in Panama City, Fla., and it’s pretty clear that they’d be better off not going at all. Turns out they are flying down this Saturday and returning Sunday. Sounds very relaxing. And disturbing. Is there anyone worth less… Continue Reading