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Obama Raffle Hits Rock-Bottom Entry Fee of $1

The price for a meal with President Obama has declined to $1. In an email to supporters today signed by “Barack” and sent by the Obama 2012 campaign in his name, the president says that for just a single buck, recipients of the message can be entered into a raffle to have dinner with Obama along with three other backers. Here’s an excerpt: Tomorrow night,

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Michelle Added to Obama Dinner Raffle

The raffle dinner winner gets to dine with Michelle too. At least we know now it will be at a nice place . . . From a campaign email signed by “Barack.” If you win a seat at the next dinner with three other supporters and me, you’ll get to bring a guest. I thought I’d bring one, too — so I invited Michelle. She’s

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Obama to be Raffled Off for $3

The Obama campaign is once again raffling off the president of the United States, telling supporters that for a contribution of at least $3 they can be entered into a contest to have dinner with him. According to an email signed by “Barack” and sent this morning to the campaign email list, Obama enjoyed his dinner with the winners of a previous contest and is

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