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Obama Raffle Hits Rock-Bottom Entry Fee of $1

The price for a meal with President Obama has declined to $1.

In an email to supporters today signed by “Barack” and sent by the Obama 2012 campaign in his name, the president says that for just a single buck, recipients of the message can be entered into a raffle to have dinner with Obama along with three other backers.

Here’s an excerpt:

Tomorrow night, we’ll pick the first of four supporters who will sit down with me for dinner.

I’m hopiong you’ll take me up on the invitation . . .

Donate $1 or more today and be automatically entered to win.

The campaign had insisted on receiving $5 from participants in an earlier presidential raffle. The next raffle cost donors only $3 to enter. But the latest contest now appears to be open to the very last remaining members of the 99 percent who might have previously resisted joining the contest.

Michelle Added to Obama Dinner Raffle

The raffle dinner winner gets to dine with Michelle too.

At least we know now it will be at a nice place . . .

From a campaign email signed by “Barack.”

If you win a seat at the next dinner with three other supporters and me, you’ll get to bring a guest.

I thought I’d bring one, too — so I invited Michelle.

She’s in.

Donate $3 or whatever you can to be automatically entered to sit down for a meal with Michelle and me.

Michelle and I don’t get to spend as much time as we’d like with the people who are building the 2012 campaign.

Obama to be Raffled Off for $3

The Obama campaign is once again raffling off the president of the United States, telling supporters that for a contribution of at least $3 they can be entered into a contest to have dinner with him.

According to an email signed by “Barack” and sent this morning to the campaign email list, Obama enjoyed his dinner with the winners of a previous contest and is looking forward to making some new acquaintances.

A few Thursdays ago, I had dinner with four Americans named Ken, Casey, Juanita, and Wendi — the winners of the campaign’s first Dinner with Barack contest.

I loved getting to know each of them.

We’re taking names for the next dinner starting now, and this time I want to add a new feature: If you win, you can bring a guest.

Chip in $3 or more today to be automatically entered to win a spot for you and a guest at the next dinner.

Obama suggests more such contests are in store, saying they have now become “a regular thing.”