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Obama Approval Jumped Once He Ducked Out of Sight

President Obama’s approval rating jumped during the past couple of weeks to 48 percent, according to Gallup, but it’s not clear whether this was due to anything other that he was no longer around.

On December 17, as Obama prepared to depart for his 17-day Hawaii vacation, his approval rating stood at 42 percent, about his usual level. By December 29, it has risen to 48 percent – the highest level since mid-2013 – even though Obama hadn’t done a single thing!

And that is just the point. Unable to do further damage to the economy, race relations, international affairs, or anything else other than a delicate fairway, Obama became more popular. About six percent of Americans, it seems, had forgotten he was president.

Alas, by January 3, as he boarded Air Force One to get back to Washington and resume the mischief, his approval had inched back down to 46 percent. The amnesia, it appears, was wearing off.

Poll: Obama the Worst President Since Truman

A poll of Tea Party members finds that President Obama is the worst president since Harry S Truman.

Wait. Wait a second. That’s not a poll of Tea Partiers. That’s a poll of American voters.

Ahh, the buyers’ remorse kicks in.

According to the poll, conducted by the respected Quinnipiac polling outfit, a third of voters think Obama is the worst president, followed by George W. Bush, who was the choice of 28 percent. Richard Nixon was third with a respectable 13 percent.

Both Republicans and independents rates Obama the worst. Democrats, no surprise, think he’s just great.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 10.27.52 AM

Obama fared least well among the sensible folk in the 50-64 age demographic, 39 percent of whom rated him worst, followed by their elders 65 and up, among whom 34 percent gave him top billing in the Hall of Shame.

Even 24 percent of Obama’s young enthusiasts in the 18-24 age group thought he was the worst president since mid-century, though 38 percent of them gave the title to George W. Bush.

Meantime, Ronald Reagan was voted the greatest president since Truman, with 35 percent rating him tops. Bill Clinton was second with 18 percent, followed by John F. Kennedy with 15 percent. Obama was the pick of only 8 percent.

Americans Don’t Like Obama’s End Runs

My faith restored! Well, some of it, perhaps. Maybe Americans still do care about the Constitution. Musty old document written by men with more knowledge about history, philosophy and human nature in their ingrown toenails than most of our politicians, including former Constitutional professor/lecturers, have in their entire goopy reservoirs of grey matter.

Obama runsBy a large majority, voters do not think President Obama should be using executive authority to bypass Congress.

The Fox News poll finds that 74 percent think end running Congress through executive orders is “not the way our government is supposed to work.” This includes 93 percent of Republicans, 80 percent of independents, but also, surprisingly enough, 54 percent of Democrats.

Meanwhile, a plurality of voters, 24 percent, give Obama an F on the economy. Only nine percent give him a A, while 22 percent give him a B, another 22 percent rate him a C, and nine percent say he gets an “incomplete.”

Voters continue to be pessimistic over the future of the economy. Fifty eight percent think the worst is yet to come. That’s up from 52 percent a year ago, and it’s the highest level recorded since April 2009.

Obama is also failing at what he says is the issue nearest and dearest to him, decreasing income inequality. Sixty percent of voters think federal policies during Obama’s presidency have increased the income gap – a number that included 52 percent of Democrats.

Oh, and 51 percent of voters voted for Obama in 2012. Go figyah.

Obama’s Average Approval Now Equals Nixon’s

At just under 50 percent, President Obama’s average approval rating for his presidency is exactly the same as Richard Nixon’s, according to Gallup.

Obama at an East Room press conference
Photo by Keith Koffler

Obama  has seen his approval numbers plummet as the public discovers the falsehoods he used to sell Obamacare and witnesses the incompetence of the Obamacare rollout. His Gallup approval was at just 40 percent as of Thursday, while a CBS News poll this week gave him just 37 percent.

His Gallup average since Inauguration day is exactly 49 percent, the same as Nixon’s during a term that lasted from January 1969 until he resigned in August 1974.

NixonObama has not yet descended to the lows of Nixon’s final months in office, when the disgraced president was at 24 percent – Obama’s low is 38 percent – but his long record of below-50 percent approval has put him in Nixon’s overall class.

In fact, only three presidents in modern presidential history – Harry Truman, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter – have had average ratings below that of Obama.

Obama is just below the president he has often blamed for his problems, George W. Bush, whose average was 49.4 percent. The average for U.S. presidents since 1938 has been 54 percent.

The highest average approval rating belongs to John F. Kennedy, who was murdered 50 years ago today. His average for his nearly three years in office was 70.1 percent.

Obama Approval Rating in Free Fall

President Obama’s approval rating is falling fast and still looking for a bottom, declining below 40 percent for the first time in more than two years in the Gallup daily tracking poll.

Americans, apparently, care about being lied to by their president. And they are seeing the skepticism they’ve long held about Obamacare confirmed as the program crashes on the launch pad.

Obama’s approval rating is at 39 percent today, while his disapproval stood at 53 percent. His approval was at 46 percent as recently as October 8.

The last time Obama was below 40 in the Gallup survey, which averages polling over the previous three days, was in October 2011. His numbers then started to rise as he headed toward reelection the following year.

Obama Approval Hits New Low for 2013

President Obama’s approval rating has declined to 43.6 percent, according to the RealClearPolitics average of Obama polls, his lowest rating of the year and the worst performance since December 2011, when his rating was at a similar level but began rising as he moved toward reelection in 2012.

Obama’s RCP average approval rating is now closing in on the record low of 42 percent, which he reached on October 9, 2011. The president’s disapproval rating is also at its highest level of the year, with 51.1 percent saying they don’t like the job he is doing.

Obama’s worst showing in a recent poll was a 40 percent approval rating in a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted at the end of July. The most recent result from the widely watched Gallup daily tracking poll puts Obama’s approval at 42 percent.

Many factors could explain Obama’s diving ratings, including the continued sluggishness of the economy, the proliferation of scandals plaguing the administration, the resurgence of al Qaeda, and the general disarray in the Middle East.

Gallup: Obama Job Approval Slowly Sinking

President Obama’s job approval rating is inexorably grinding its way downward, resting today at 45 percent – tied for the lowest level of the his second term, according to Gallup.

The president’s approval during the first half of the year had generally been at about 50 percent. But since the end of June, Obama’s numbers have been hovering in the range of 45-47 percent.

Obama’s rating is declining even as the economy is slowly starting to improve and employment is picking up.

On the other hand, his faltering popularity is occurring as Obamacare unravels and its effects become more clear, including the postponement of mandates and the moves by business to hire part timers to escape requirements of the law.

It’s hard to understand the buyers’ remorse. The election really was a contest to see if this massive new government program would remain on the books. And Obama in 2012 – in contrast to 2008 – hardly hid his liberalism or his penchant for acting imperially with respect to Congress and the law.

People seem to be unhappy with the president for doing exactly what he said he’d do during the campaign, and for continuing to behave as he always has.

Sorry, November has come and gone. No do-overs.

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Obama Approval Rating Remains Low

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