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Obama Gets in a Final Round of Golf

President Obama Sunday played golf yet again, bringing his tally to six outings during a total of seven full days he was on Martha’s Vineyard.

Obama and his family ended their vacation Sunday night, opting for a late checkout from their vacation rental home and not getting back to the White House until 11:00 pm.

Obama did little on vacation other than play golf. After his daughters arrived Thursday he spent one morning biking and and another at the beach, but other than that he was on the golf course.

The president played Sunday with World Bank President Jim Kim, White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest, and Mike Brush, another White House aide and a regular Obama golf partner. At some point during the outing Earnest dropped out and attorney Eunu Chun, a major Obama fundraiser, joined the group.

It’s the president’s 29th time playing this year and his 140th round since Inauguration Day 2009.

Dinner with ValJar; Morning at the Beach

President Obama and his family had dinner last night with Obama’s closest advisor, Valerie Jarrett, who has her own place on Martha’s Vineyard. From the pool reports:

POTUS’s motorcade was on the move from his vacation rental at 5:48pm.

From WH: “The First Family is having dinner at Valerie Jarrett’s House.”

Motorcade arrived at Ms. Jarrett’s house at 6:11pm. Pool was held in vans as POTUS, FLOTUS, Sasha and Malia entered the house. Cheers erupted among the crowds of people who were gathered at homes nearby; people who could see POTUS while pool was held a couple homes away trying to catch a glimpse from through the van windows.

The house is traditional Vineyard style with cedar shingles and a front porch. It faces the water. Secret Service agents were fanned out across the lawn. Marvin Nicholson was standing on the porch with some other aides. Unclear how long POTUS will be there. Oak Bluffs has fireworks tonight. Pool is heading to a nearby restaurant to hold . . .

Pool has been holding near Valerie Jarrett’s place after having dinner nearby. At 9pm the fireworks show started and went on until the grand finale at about 9:45pm.

We’re told POTUS, FLOTUS and their daughters watched the fireworks but pool did not see them. There was going to be a photo-op but that got nixed.

Pool continued to hold. Motorcade is rolling at 11:44pm. No sight of POTUS.

This morning the president and his family headed to the beach.

The Obamas Go Biking

One of their annual rituals on Martha’s Vineyard.

From the pool reports:

From WH:

“The First Family is taking a bike ride through the Manuel F. Correllus State Forest in West Tisbury, MA.”

Motorcade was rolling from POTUS’s vacation place at 10:18am and arrived at the park about 10 minutes later.

POTUS, FLOTUS, Sasha and Malia briefly rode by pool, which was under a tree off of the bike path.

FLOTUS and Sasha appeared first from around a bend in the path, which winds through the woods. They were moving at a fast clip. FLOTUS wore white capris and a light blue tank top; Sasha had on florescent green shorts, pink sneakers and a pink helmet.

A few minutes later, POTUS and Malia rode by a little more slowly. POTUS could be heard talking to his daughter as they rode up to where pool – and a small group of people eager to observe – were gathered. Pool couldn’t hear what he was saying. POTUS addressed pool and onlookers as he rounded the bend. “Hey guys,” he said. “Nice day, huh?”

Reuters’ Jeff Mason asked “How’s it going?” and “Having a good time?”

“Having a great time, as always,” POTUS shouted as he pedaled away.

POTUS was in a blue short sleeve polo shirt and khaki shorts. Malia wore orange shorts and a blue T-shirt.

All four of them had on helmets. They were trailed by Secret Service agents on bikes. Several Suburbans in the motorcade then pulled onto the trail to follow.

Pool was brought back to the vans and is holding.

Lots of photo opportunities this vacation. Must not be an election coming up.

BTW, here’s some more video of Obama playing golf. This one, unlike the last, appears unauthorized and includes a look at how he swings an iron. Must have been taken by one of the locals using a phone.

Statement Over With, Time for Golf

Updated 2:17 pm ET

From the pool report:

Immediately after delivering the statement on Egypt, the motorcade departed for Vineyard Haven. After an uneventful ride, we arrived at the Mink Meadows Golf Club a few minutes after 11am. Golf partners are below. Pool is holding.

Obama is golfing with some regular partners – White House aides Marvin Nicholson and Mike Brush and White House chef Sam Kass.

Twenty seventh golf outing this year, the 138th time of his presidency, and his fourth time golfing in give full days on vacation.



The president returned to his residence at 1:30 pm, hardly giving him enough time for a full 18 holes. There must be a reason – pool is asking whether Sasha and Malia have arrived – will update you when I find out.

UPDATE 2: Sasha and Malia have indeed arrived from camp to spend the rest of the week with their parents.

Obama Vacation Unaffected by Violence in Egypt

UPDATE: Soon after this article was published, the White House announced that Obama would make a statement on the situation in Egypt.


The massive bloodshed in Egypt caused barely a ripple in President Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard vacation Wednesday, as the president took to the fairways, attended a private cocktail party at the home of a major Democratic donor, and went out for an expensive dinner at an upscale restaurant.

The death toll in the latest crackdown by the Egyptian military now stands at more than 500.

As Secretary of State John Kerry was burning up phone lines to his counterparts in Europe and the Middle East and calling the situation in Egypt “a pivotal moment,” Obama was in the midst of more than five hours of golf at the lovely Vineyard Golf Club.

After cocktails at the estate of Brian Roberts, the chairman and CEO of Comcast – which owns the pro-Obama MSNBC – Obama got down to the business of dinner at the State Road Restaurant, where main courses are priced at around $40.

Instead of personally calling for calm, Obama dispatched Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest to decree that the United States “strongly condemns the use of violence against protestors in Egypt” and extends its “condolences to the families of those who have been killed and to the injured.”

Obama, Earnest said, was “briefed” on the violence and “has asked to be regularly updated as events warrant.”

Obama Vineyard Stay Harming Local Businesses

President Obama’s choice of residence on Martha’s Vineyard this summer is damaging local small businesses, which are watching sales dry up during the year’s busiest time because of a road closure ordered for security reasons.

Unable to stay at the more-secluded estate where he resided during previous trips to the island, the Obamas this year selected a house that is close to a major road, forcing it’s closure during the entirety of their eight days in residence.

The Vineyard Gazette reported that “the traffic change will keep people away from the (West Tisbury) village center at the very height of summer,” resulting in a potential disaster for some:

“We are very impacted by this,” said Andrea Rogers, manager for the Vineyard Artisans Festivals, which take place Thursdays and Sundays at the Grange Hall. More than 70 artists sell ceramics, jewelry and art at the festivals. “August is our make it or break it month, so this is the worst possible time of the year to block access,” she added. “It impacts a lot of people.” . . .

She said the signs make it seem that people have to turn right, away from the downtown area, and are especially confusing to visitors. “I know they have to do what they have to do,” she said. “I understand the way the world works. I just feel it could have been done a bit differently.” “We’re really in a bad position at a critical time of year . . . we’re trying to survive the winter.”

Other businesses are similarly suffering, noted the Martha’s Vineyard Times:

At Alley’s General Store, owned by the Martha’s Vineyard Preservation Trust (MVPT), the road closure’s impact is evidenced by empty parking spaces, usually a scarce commodity in the summer and especially in mid-August.

“Basically, the major East-West corridor on the Island has been turned into a dead end,” MVPT executive director Chris Scott told The Times in a phone call Tuesday. “It will be thousands of dollars lost.”

Meanwhile, Obama and his foursomes are parading onto golf courses and shunting aside other vacationers. “No tee time is safe,” reported the Martha’s Vineyard Patch.

But golfers seemed to be taking the inconvenience in good humor, losing a tee time instead of income.

 “So, first he took our tee time but it was our privilege,” golfer Bill Hait said of the presidential foursome. “And then the Secret Service held us back but also helped us find one of our lost balls, so all in all it was extremely positive.”

Obama will end his vacation Sunday.

Lunch with ValJar for POTUS

President Obama this afternoon is having lunch with senior White House advisor and chief presidential consigliere Valerie Jarrett, who is also vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard.

Obama is buying. From the pool report:

POTUS stopped to buy lunch at Nancy’s snack bar on the waterfront in Oak Bluffs shortly before 1pm.

Wearing a blue fleece, a Chicago White Sox cap and Nike sneakers, POTUS was met by cheers from bystanders as be exited his car.

He shook hands and greeted around 40 people who had gathered on decking outside the restaurant, saying “good to see you” and adding that it was “great to be here.” Dozens more people crowded to the windows of the upstairs restaurant, taking photographs with their smartphones and waving as the President went to pick up his order of fried seafood.

Obama told staff at the counter: “Good to see you man, thanks for feeding us.” He then stepped inside to take photographs with Nancy’s staff before returning to his car.

At 1.02pm, the motorcade departed and drove for a couple of minutes to the Oak Bluffs home of senior adviser and long-time friend Valerie Jarrett. Jarrett and POTUS are now inside eating lunch. Pool holding outside.

Obama ordered fried shrimp, fried oysters, onion rings and french fries. So, as long as there was tartar sauce included, there’s one thing I definite agree with the president about: lunch.

One minor complaint, though. Anyone who really likes oysters knows you don’t order them in August.

It’s been raining up there, so looks like no golf today.

Listen Up! He’s Working, Okay?

The White House wants you to know that President Obama is still at the controls, even though he appears to be on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. From today’s first White House pool report: WH sends this to pool: “From The White House: This morning, the President received the Presidential Daily Briefing from National Security Advisor Susan… Continue Reading