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Obama Extends His Hawaii Vacation

Are we having fun yet?

Yes. Too much to let go. President Obama has decided to delay his departure from Hawaii for two days, leaving Monday instead of Saturday.

Obama Blue HawaiiCan’t say I blame him. If I could get 12 days instead of ten in Hawaii I surely would.

This means he’ll get almost his whole scheduled two weeks, which had been cut to about 10 days. He left Wednesday, Dec. 22 instead of Saturday, Dec. 18 because Congress hadn’t finished up its work yet.

Michelle, who left right on time Saturday on her own government jet at a cost to taxpayers likely well in excess of $100,000, will now get a 16 day vacation, on top of several others she took during the year.

“After the extended lame duck and five-day delay of his trip here, he’s just trying to squeeze in more time with his family before returning to Washington,” said White House Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton.

This seems off by a day to me – it was a four day delay as far as I can tell.

Obama Nearly Shellacked by Golf Ball

President Obama was nearly smacked today by screaming golf ball line drive hit by his close friend Eric Whitaker.

The close call occurred on the ninth hole of play at Mid Pacific Country Club in Kailua, Hawaii.

Three secret service agents immediately jumped Whitaker while a fourth dived on the ball.

Yes, that last sentence is a joke.

But my understanding is it’s one toke for every stroke they go over par. And Whitaker was way over.

From the pool report by Sheryl Stolberg of the New York Times.

Pool was taken out to the ninth hole for a glimpse of POTUS on the links. He approached the green driving his own cart, with his left leg dangling out of the vehicle. He was wearing a white shirt, tan ball cap and brown shirts.

POTUS shot a five on the hole, but Marty Nesbitt must have had the better putting game. “Your putting’s on fire,’’ the president said to him at one point. At another point, Eric Whitaker was taking his approach shot to the green from behind a tree in the rough, and the ball whizzed past the president, missing him by about two feet.

Once the president was on the green, he shot a 12-foot putt that missed the hole (it went wide, to the left.) His second putt, about 2 feet from the hole, went in. Mr. Obama, looking satisfied, walked away from the green, tossing the ball up and down into his hand. “Thank you guys!’’ he called to about 30 onlookers who were standing on a balcony above him. Your pool makes no judgments on the presidential golfing performance, but the golf pro at the club, Mark Sousa, who was also on the balcony, did.

“His swing looks a lot better this year,’’ Mr. Sousa said – before the president putted in front of the cameras. Mr. Sousa said he had observed Mr. Obama on the driving range earlier, while the president was waiting to tee off.

Today’s Obama Hawaii Activity: Snorkeling

Obama and family and friends are snorkeling today at the Hanuama Bay Nature Preserve on Oahu.

Apparently there are extreme measures being taken to ensure that nobody gets a shot of the president with his shirt off.

“We are under explicit instructions that there will be no long lenses or other sneaky attempts to take pictures,” writes the New York Times’ Sheryl Stolberg in the pool report.

There also seems to be some brewing controversy about whether the Obamas have seen a required video that instructs snorkelers not to screw up the coral reef, to avoid feeding pineapples to giant sea turtles, or whatever.

Actually they apparently HAVE seen it, but the question is whether they have viewed it the required once-a-year. It seems also they viewed it last year AFTER they went snorkeling last year.

Even I’m not going to nitpick this one . . .

Obama’s Day With the Family

President Obama is getting some family time in today as his Hawaii vacation continues.

He went with Mrs. Obama for a workout at the gym this morning. Ironically enough, considering how many of them us are out of shape, the press pool waited nearby for the First Couple at the local McDonald’s.

The president this afternoon is bowling and playing basketball with his daughters.

Obama Hits the Beach; Michelle Tracks Santa

President Obama went to the beach with Sasha and Malia today, while the first lady tracked Santa’s progress across the Heavens. From the pool report.

While POTUS and daughters enjoyed a day at the beach, First Lady Michelle Obama stayed behind to answer calls about Santa’s whereabouts.

The first lady took part in the “NORAD Tracks Santa” program, answering calls from children trying to find out the location of the Jolly Old Elf on Christmas Eve.

Starting around 5 p.m. EST (noon Hawaii time), NORAD coordinated incoming phone calls and directed them to Mrs. Obama, who introduced herself to the callers. When asked for Santa’s location, she consulted the NORAD Santa Route Schedule and gave that information to the child callers, the White House said.

The first lady answered calls for about 40 minutes.

Obama Likely to Delay Vacation

Oh no. Not this.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs indicated this afternoon that President Obama will probably not be able to leave as scheduled Saturday while he waits for Congress to finish its session, including work on the START Treaty and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

He’s scheduled to return Jan. 1, and that’s not likely to change.