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Obama Fundraising Gridlocks Los Angeles

He’s hitting two fundraisers. The only “official” event in L.A. is his taped appearance tomorrow morning on the Jay Leno Show. From the Los Angeles Times: A portion of Wilshire Boulevard and adjacent 6th Street were closed Monday afternoon in the Hancock Park area because of a fundraising visit by President Obama. The closures of the major east-west thoroughfares helped snarl rush-hour traffic and affected public

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Obama Fundraising Suffers Huge Drop-off

President Obama will raise substantially less in the second quarter of his campaign than the first, according to the New York Times. The paper writes that Obama campaign manager Jim Messina has told Democratic officials that the president will raise about $55 million in the quarter that ends Sept. 30, about $30 million less than he raised the first quarter of his campaign – which

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Obama Has Raised at Least $73.5 Million in 2010

Despite his lagging popularity, President Obama this year has raised a sizable sum of cash for Democrats, hauling in a total of at least $73.5 million for Democrats from 69 events, according to Mark Knoller of CBS News. Knoller, who is well known for his careful record keeping at the White House, said organizers of a few events attended by the president refused to release

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