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Obama Raises $60 Million in May

President Obama’s campaign raised $60 million in May for itself and Democrats, a jump from its April total of $43.6 million, the campaign tweeted this morning. Mitt Romney, whose $40.1 million April take nearly matched Obama’s, has not yet announced his May total. Romney’s April take was close to Obama’s even though Romney did not… Continue Reading

Obama to Hold Six Fundraisers in One Day

With Republicans steamrollering ahead with a group of well-fed Super Pacs and an increasingly successful money effort by Mitt Romney, President Obama Friday will attend six fundraisers, a possible sign of budding desperation for a campaign that is lagging far behind its initial fundraising expectations. Obama will travel to Minneapolis, where he will ensconce himself… Continue Reading

Obama Misses His Entrance

President Obama failed to appear on cue last night at the Fox Theater in Redwood City, California, a weird lapse for a president who may have been exhausted at the end of a marathon day of speechifying and campaigning. Pool reporter Peter Baker of the New York Times offers a descriptive take on the scene… Continue Reading

Obama Super Pac Fail. Again.

The pro-Obama’s Super Pac Priorities USA raised a pitiful $1.6 million in April, bringing in some $3 million less than the pro-Romney Restore Our Future, Politico reports. The group stumbled even after the White House dropped its abhorrence of PACs and started prodding Democrats to contribute to it. Priorities USA has $4.7 million on hand,… Continue Reading

Obama’s Movie Star Mistake

This is going to backfire. Actress Sarah Jessica Parker has sent an email via the Obama campaign inviting Obama supporters to contribute “any amount” at all to be entered into a raffle for dinner with her and the Obamas June 14 at her home in New York. “It should be fabulous,” she writes. Obama, it… Continue Reading

Romney Fundraising Nearly Matches Obama’s

Mitt Romney raised $40.1 million in April, just a little bit shy of the $43.6 million raised the same month by President Obama, the New York Times reports. Romney’s take is a huge $12.6 million step up from his March fundraising total, while Obama’s represents a nearly $10 million decline. Romney could easily have eclipsed… Continue Reading

Obama Fundraising Declines

President Obama’s campaign raised $43.6 million in April, a decline from the $53 million it collecting during March, the campaign announced this morning. The campaign offered no explanation for the drop in fundraising – actually, it didn’t mention the drop. The cause of the decline is unclear. There doesn’t seem to have been any lessening… Continue Reading

Obama Campaign Uses Mother’s Day to Raise Cash

The Obama campaign, which seemingly will try any fundraising scheme that occurs to it, is using Mother’s Day to get people to part with their money. In an campaign email with the subject line “My best friend,” President Obama suggests to recipients that they “sign my card to her today.” Here’s a portion of the… Continue Reading

Obama and Bill Clinton Raise Over $2.1M in a Night

President Obama and Bill Clinton were expected to collect more than $2.1 million at two fundraisers¬†Sunday evening, each at the home of former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe in the wealthy Washington suburb of McLean, Virginia. The fundraisers are the second time in just days the Obama 2012 campaign has put the star power of Clinton… Continue Reading