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Obama’s Hollywood Backers Steeped in Violence

President Obama, who Wednesday appointed a task force to try to reduce gun violence, accepted millions during the campaign from Hollywood donors who made their fortunes in part by purveying extraordinarily violent entertainment to American and international audiences. Obama’s substantial debt to Hollywood calls into question the seriousness of his claim Wednesday that he wants… Continue Reading

Clinton: Your Support “Won’t Amount to a Hill of Beans”

Bill Clinton today informed those who have not contributed to President Obama’s campaign that if they don’t pony up some cash, their support “won’t amount to a hill of beans.” It appears the email was sent exclusively to those who have failed so far to donate. Here’s the email: Keith — No matter how much… Continue Reading

Obama Campaign Sends “Urgent” Message for Funds

In a message that appears to reflect both the dwindling time before Election Day and the rising post-debate prospects of Gov. Mitt Romney, the Obama campaign Tuesday sent out an “urgent” appeal to supporters for funds. The message, titled “Yes, this is Urgent” and sent by Obama 2012 National Finance Director Rufus Gifford, is of… Continue Reading

Obama Raised $181 Million in September

A massive, nonstop fundraising campaign by President Obama paid dividends last month, as the president raised a stunning $181 million for his campaign and the Democratic Party. Obama’s take in September leaves him close to $950 million, meaning his campaign may actually succeed at getting to the $1 billion fundraising mark it had hoped to… Continue Reading

Is the WH Situation Room the New Lincoln Bedroom?

President Obama Tuesday evening raised approximately $4 million at a single fundraiser hosted by entertainers Beyoncé and Jay-Z, a huge dividend reaped after Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama spent years courting the music power duo. Beyoncé and Jay-Z were memorably invited in March 2010 to a tour of the White House that included a… Continue Reading

Obama B-Ball is CLOSED to the Press

President Obama plans to shoot some hoops tonight after a fundraising dinner co-hosted by Michael Jordan. The White House has barred reporters. I would assume both Obama AND Jordan want the press kept far away. Obama because he could only look much worse than Jordan, and Jordan because he could only look much worse than… Continue Reading

Obama to Empty Chicago of Money

Will there be any cash left in Chicago after Obama leaves Monday? The president Sunday will hold what is, as far as I can tell, an unprecedented five fundraisers in one city in one day. He’s in Chicago, passing the hat all over the place. From the press pool report: President Obama will attend fundraising… Continue Reading

Biden to Donors: You’re Like My Family

Offering up yet another the bizarre statements for which he is famous, Vice President Joe Biden said in a fundraising email sent out today that he and President Obama consider campaign donors their “second family.” From the conclusion of the email: Barack and I honestly wish we could thank everyone who contributes to this campaign… Continue Reading

Obama Fundraiser Provided PR Boost to Brutal Dictator

President Obama Thursday will walk into a ritzy fundraiser in New York City hosted by a woman whose magazine provided a public relations boost to one of the most ruthless dictators of our century. Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue, ran in her magazine a glowing March 2011 tribute to the first lady of Syria,… Continue Reading

Messina: We Got Beat by Mean Rich People

The Obama Campaign today admitted that the Mitt Romney outraised President Obama by some $17 million last month. In an email to supporters with the subject line “We got beat,” Obama Campaign Manager Jim Messina acknowledged the obvious and asked for more money. And of course, he showed all the usual graciousness of the Obama crowd.… Continue Reading