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Obama’s Sushi Roundtable

The battler-in-chief for the middle class decided Tuesday to hold a DNC fundraiser at an expensive sushi restaurant in downtown Milwaukee. Because, I guess when you’re golfing every week, you long ago stopped caring about appearances.

At least, I assume it’s expensive. The menu on the website for the restaurant, Umami Moto, doesn’t list prices, which is always a bad sign for anyone on a budget.

Anyway, the “DNC donor roundtable” – I gather that means Obama was forced to sit around the table with lefty fat cats and listen to their bullshit – cost participants at least $16,200 apiece. I mean, that’s expensive, even for sushi, right?

And Yelp only gives the place four of five stars.

And here’s the chef.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 11.06.11 AM

Look, let’s be honest here – a white guy? No offense to white people, but if I’m going to pay $16,200 for sushi, I at least want to feel like the guy cutting the fish was whelped and raised by traditional sushi masters.

Gwyneth Paltrow Flirts With Obama

Gwyneth Paltrow, recently separated from her husband, thinks President Obama is irresistible.

“You’re so handsome that I can’t speak properly,” she cooed to the commander in chief last night during a DNC fundraiser at her home in the Brentwood section of Los Angeles. Obama was careful not to sound too excited:

“I want to thank Gwyneth and Apple and Moses for letting us crash your house,” he said.

Apple and Moses are the names she gave her children.

“I am one of your biggest fans, if not the biggest,” she purred during her remarks.

Hi handsome
Hi handsome

She showed both the love and money. According to the DNC, there were to be 200 supporters at a reception and 50 at a dinner, with tickets for the reception starting at $1,000 and for the dinner at $15,000.

Gwyneth demanded more power for Obama.

“It would be wonderful if we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass,” she said. At least she’s talking about turning Congress blue, though I’m sure she’s down with Obama’s penchant for ruling by fiat too.

Paltrow cited sustainable energy efforts as well as Obama’s push for equal pay, which she called, “Very important to me as a working mother.”

Just your average working mom, trying to get some time for Apple and Moses, and maybe a little extra money to pay the house staff.

Obama Fundraising Blitz to Include Four Events Today

Desperate to achieve a fully Democratic Congress for his final two years in office, President Obama today will hold four fundraisers as part of a massive West Coast swing designed to add several million dollars to Democratic coffers.

Today’s money events – two in San Francisco and two in Beverly Hills – come on top of two fundraisers Obama held Sunday in the Seattle area and at least one he will stage Tuesday in Los Angeles.

Most of the events are fat-cat fundraisers held for small groups of wealthy donors at private residences. They include one fundraiser for House Democrats, two jointly to fund the efforts of House and Senate Democrats, and four for the DNC. Much of the money will be poured into 2014 races around the country.

What’s more, Obama will reward megafundraiser Jeffery Katzenberg with a visit to his DreamWorks Animation for what the White House is billing as an official “event on the economy.” The appearance, along with an event on immigration today in San Francisco, ensures taxpayers pick up part of the tab for the political trip.

Obama Sunday night raised up to about $1 million during a fundraiser at the residence of Tom Campion, founder of Zumiez, and then between $1 and $2 million at Sunday’s second fundraiser at the home of former Microsoft President Jon Shirley.

Obama Warns GOP: “A Price to Pay” for Defying “the American People”

President Obama warned Republicans Friday that there will be “a price to pay” for defying the will of the American people, which apparently, He Himself embodies.

Obama’s l’état, c’est moi moment occurred during a Miami fundraiser for House Democrats, whom he is desperate to install as the majority in the House so he can revive his agenda, which has inconveniently been beached on the shoals of Republican opposition.

So he’s pushing the line that in defying The Leader, it must be that Republicans are defying America itself.

Obama centered on the cornerstone of his failed agenda, the immigration bill.

The only way we can continue to place pressure to get that bill done is by making sure that the other side — or at least that small faction on the other side — understands there’s a price to pay when you don’t act on the basis of the interests of the American people. And so that’s something that I hope we can still get done by the end of this year.

This is typical Obama. Conservatives – forget for a moment he’s supposed to be their president too – are just a faction of heartless bastards who hate the “American values” Obama thinks he represents.

What’s more, they have no principles, and are mainly trying to stick it to Obama:

And right now, it’s being held up. It’s being held up not because it’s not a good idea. The majority of the American people support it. It’s being held up because there’s a small faction in the other party that has decided we don’t want to do anything and our main goal is obstruction.

Obama then proclaims himself as above politics even as he practices its lowest arts:

And, by the way, if the Republicans decided to pass it — and nobody would be happier than me — even though it would be to their political advantage to do it, because ultimately I’ve run my last election.

Well, he hasn’t run his last election. He’s campaigning for House Democrats. He suggests he’s ready to put politics aside even as he hurls calumnies, shedding his responsibility as president to be at least a step out of the mud.

At a second fundraiser Friday, also in Miami, Obama spoke of “consequences” for not following “the wisdom and common sense and hard work of the American people,” which of course reflects his own wisdom and common sense. I hesitate to say hard work.

I will say that if you just looked objectively at what the Democratic Party and Democratic senators stand for right now, it’s a lot more aligned with what the American people believe and what they care about then what a small faction of the other party is trying to promote.

And I’m confident that there’s going to be an adjustment process where the Republican Party kind of moves back to reason and common sense.  But they’re only going to do it if our politics is reflected — or elections reflect that common sense.  And if they’re rewarded for cooperation and it — when they aren’t looking out for the interests of the American people, there are some consequences.  And that’s why elections matter.  That’s why they count.

I agree. Mr. President, we must conform to the wisdom and common sense of America. We have no choice but to oppose policies Americans oppose. Therefore, Republicans must pledge to work with you on repealing Obamacare by the end of the year.

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Obama: Republicans Should Have Cooperated After Tragedies

President Obama Wednesday suggested Republicans had reacted inappropriately to the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School and the Boston bombings, asserting during a Boston fundraiser for congressional Democrats that his opponents should have displayed a “new spirit” of cooperation.

This has been a challenging year since my reelection . . . We would have hoped that coming out of those two tragedies that we would see a new spirit in Congress of people pulling together and rolling up sleeves and working on the things a broad spectrum of Americans agree on, but that’s not what we got.

Instead we got more obstruction and more resistance to getting anything done, most recently culminating in a shutdown that was entirely unnecessary.

Obama said he experiences “enormous frustration sometimes” and offered up a dose of self-pity:

Sometimes people ask me, “Man, how do you stay optimistic, because it just seems like a bunch of problems piling up on your desk and it doesn’t seem like you’re getting a lot of help from the other side?”

The event included House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, whom Obama hopes to install as Speaker by seizing the House back from the GOP. He praised her lavishly.

(Pelosi) constantly surprises me by how good, how tough, how visionary and committed she is . . . What I also know is that the interests of the American people will be better served if I’ve got Nancy Pelosi standing by my side and we get the agenda done. That’s why we’re here.

Obama also offered a shout out to former Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), who was also on hand for the event, calling him “someone who’s looking slim, and cheerful, and good humored, has a glow on his cheeks,” and joking, “this is what I guess getting out of Congress looks like!”

Ticket prices ranged from $16,200 per person to $64,800 per couple for the event, which was held at the home of Alan Solomont, the former U.S. Ambassador to Spain and Andorra.

Top Fundraisers Getting Personal Access to Obama

President Obama has been granting highly personal access to major fundraisers, using golf – which in the past has been almost exclusively a recreational pursuit – to provide his money men with hours of presidential face time.

Obama’s self-created political persona is that of a man above traditional politics seeking to eradicate the influence of money. But the president is at least creating the appearance of access buying by granting top donors large slices of his valuable time.

Obama played golf on separate occasions in Martha’s Vineyard this month with two major “bundlers” – those who solicit donations from others – for his 2012 campaign. One, businessman Robert Wolf, assembled more than $500,000 from donors. Another, attorney Eunu Chun, was brought into Obama’s foursome after the round had already begun, resulting in Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest being booted off the course to make way for the guest of honor.

Last February, during Obama’s long-weekend golf excursion to Florida that featured a round with Tiger Woods, the president brought another half-million-plus bundler onto the links with him – Houston attorney Tony Chase.

Even more exclusive was the access granted DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, who raised millions for the president during the 2012 election cycle, including bundling efforts and $3 million donated to the pro-Obama PAC Priorities USA Action. Katzenberg and Obama sat down to a private dinner during an Obama visit earlier this month to Los Angeles. The Associated Press ranked Katzenberg third on the list of Obama’s “Top five fundraisers.”

Meanwhile, Obama has been appointing big time fundraisers and supporters to ambassadorships at a rate that, according to The Hill, exceeds even that of his two most recent predecessors. Among these are extraordinarily important postings, such as the ambassadorship to Great Britain, which went to megabundler Matthew Barzun, and the Japan post, handed to key Obama backer Caroline Kennedy.

Also, Obama tapped Penny Pritzker, another top Obama bundler who has written checks to his campaigns for more than a decade, to be Commerce Secretary, and bundlers Michael Froman to serve as U.S. Trade Reprsentative and Thomas Wheeler to head the FCC .

Obama Raised About $800K From Fat Cats Thursday

President Obama Thursday evening was at Washington’s Jefferson Hotel chairing a cozy gathering of about two dozen really rich Democrats who paid $32,400 apiece for this special moment.

Proceeds go to the Democratic National Committee and thus the Campaign to Make Congress Democratic in 2014 and Allow Obama to Rule by Fiat. At least, more by fiat than he is already ruling by fiat.

Obama raising nearly $1 million in an evening from just a few people is okay, of course, because it’s for Democrats and therefore will help save the planet and so forth.


Because this is the openness administration, you know.

The White House policy is that if Obama doesn’t make remarks, the press doesn’t get in. Which seems kind of arbitrary – why can’t we see who is exerting this influence? – but there you go.

And I suppose it all depends on the meaning of the word “remarks.” Is Obama going to say nothing to the group? Not even, “Thanks for your money, Michelle and I cherish every damn dollar of it”? Or maybe he will just let them read the teleprompter and sit quietly by himself poking away at his crabmeat cocktail.

Obama: “All I Care About Right Now is Governing”

Speaking at his 18th fundraiser of the year, President Obama Wednesday evening declared without apparent irony that governing the nation is his sole priority.

“Now, I’ve run my last campaign — and Michelle is very happy about that,” Obama said to laughter from well-heeled donors who had assembled at the Miami Beach residence of philanthropist Joseph Blount. “And so what that means is I think you can have confidence that all I care about right now is governing.”

But Obama’s actions would appear to say otherwise.

With the three fundraisers he attended Wednesday – one in Boston for the Senate campaign of Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and two in Miami Beach for the Democratic National Committee – Obama’s total for 2013 already tops the number George W. Bush did for the entire year in 2005.

According to Mark Knoller of CBS News, who tracks presidential political activity, Bush did 15 events in 2005, three less than Obama has already done. Obama has hosted eight fundraisers – more than half Bush’s 2005 total – in just the past two weeks.

The two years are comparable because Bush was also in the first year of his second term and raising money ahead of the following year’s midterm elections.

Obama has been widely accused of failing to put in the hours needed to build relationships with Republicans in Congress while choosing instead to bash them on the campaign trail and try to flip the House to Democratic control.

“It’d be a lot easier if I had a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate,” Obama himself said during his other Miami fundraiser, held at the home of Tom Sullivan, the founder of Lumber Liquidators.

The event at Sullivan’s home included about 50 donors, while the one at Blount’s residence accommodated 175. Donations at the two fundraisers ranged from $1,000 to $32,400, according to a DNC official.

The event for Markey was larger, packing 1,000 people into Boston’s Reggie Lewis Center, though ticket prices were much lower than at the exclusive Miami Beach gatherings.

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