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MSNBC Host Nicolle Wallace Apologizes for

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace and former George W. Bush White House aide backed off her suggestion made Monday that President Trump is considering exterminating Latinos.

Here’s what she said:

President Obama used the power of the presidency to try to pass comprehensive immigration reform, with the Latino community, Latino leaders, at the table. You now have a president, as you said, talking about exterminating Latinos.

Last year, Wallace likened Trump and his supporters to Hitler and the Nazis.

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Likens Trump and His Supporters to Hitler and the Nazis

MSNBC anchor and former Geroge W. Bush communications director Nicolle Wallace Wednesday compared the cheering crowds at a Trump rally to those that applauded Hitler.

Wallace was riffing off criticism by New York Times reporter Peter Baker of President Trump’s use of language Baker said originated with Nazi sympathizers, Stalin, and Hitler.

Baker said:

He doesn’t care if history conveys a meaning with these words. Or maybe he does and it’s OK with him because the message he’s trying to get out is one that says he more than anybody else is standing up for the United States. And it resonates with the crowd last night in Houston. I was there. They loved it. They booed the word “globalist;” they cheered the word “nationalist.” When he said “I am a nationalist,” they chanted “USA! USA!” This is galvanizing language for his core supporters.

To which Wallace replied: “I watch enough History Channel to know that they cheered at Hitler, too.” Wallace, according to the Washington Free Beacon, went on to say that, by “nationalism,” Trump meant “white nationalism.”