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France Discovers People Get Killed in War

You have to hand it to the French. They’re consistent.

Four of their soldiers were killed a week ago in Afghanistan. And now they are withdrawing their troops from the country a year early, and we apparently are OK with it. The State Department congratulated the French on not being “precipitous” about it, claiming this is all part of a “managed effort” to get out of Afghanistan.

But the reality is that the French, who decades ago withdrew their troops from NATO but still expected to be defended, who refused to back the United States in the 2003 Iraq War – even rhetorically – are fleeing in the face of danger. Sarkozy is making a politically popular move as he faces a tough reelection effort.

We've had it with Afghanistan. You do it. I'll send you a soufflé.

Of course, President Obama made the French retreat much easier by setting a 2014 deadline for withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. If we’re leaving anyway, the French must be thinking, why not now? It will all end up the same catastrophe in the end.

Comes another headline today, also the direct result of Mr. Obama’s policies. “Emboldened Taliban Try to Sell a Softer Image,” writes the Wall Street Journal.

They’re pretending to be moderate, like all revolutionaries do until the seize power.

And why are they emboldened? Because we announced we’re going to leave instead of announcing we’re going to win.

Which is why the French were emboldened to act like the French.

Not only will we carry the burden in Afghanistan a little longer than France, but we’ll keep on hunting down terrorists for them. The French must be aware the evildoers could strike in Paris as easily as the could New York.

And we’ll keep the world’s shipping lanes open, so that oil can get to Paris and keep the cafés warm in winter.

And we’ll spend billions on foreign aid, so the world’s despondent masses will thrive a bit  more and hate the West a bit less.

Someone, I can’t remember who, wondered a few years back why we always expect the French to fight with us. The French, as they have demonstrated time and time again, are good for many things, but not fighting.

They’re good for preparing dessert, for example. They make excellent coffee. But please, not war.

Obama Gets Chance to Repent for Slight to Bibi

President Obama will have a chance to do penance next month for last week’s insult of Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu when he makes what could be an awkward appearance at the biennial gathering of the Union for Reform Judaism, which represents the largest Jewish denomination in the United States.

The appearance, which has not yet been announced by the White House, will occur sometime during the group’s meeting in Washington Dec. 14-18, according to the URJ.

Obama desperately needs to hold the strong advantage he had among Jews in 2008, particularly in must-win states like Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania where a move toward the Republican candidate by Jewish voters could tip the result against the president.

It emerged earlier this week that in a private meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy last Friday, Obama, thinking microphones that would broadcast an upcoming press conference to reporters were turned off, failed to contradict Sarkozy’s assertion that Netanyahu is a liar. Instead, Obama suggested Bibi was pain in the neck, grumbling to Sarkozy, “You’re fed up with him, but I have to deal with him even more often than you.”

The statement is sure to be the elephant in the room as Obama appears before the Jewish group, where he we likely offer an unusually emphatic statement of support for Israel.

The president will almost certainly have to address the slight he made toward Netanyahu, even if indirectly, or risk leaving the impression that he would indeed prefer not to deal with Israel’s leader during a time of heightened peril for the embattled U.S. ally. Israel’s relationship with Palestinian leaders is increasingly contentious, and it may soon have to decide whether to use military force to eliminate Iran’s nuclear program.

The White House has so far refused to comment on Obama’s remarks to Sarkozy.

Obama and Sarkozy: The Secret Transcript

In a remarkable scoop, White House Dossier has obtained a transcript of the portion of the private chat between President Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy that was not accidentally broadcast to reporters. It seems their conversation went from bad to worse.

We faithfully relay it to you here.


Sarkzoy: Liar! Zat Netanyahu is a liar. And I told him so to his face.

Obama: You did? Really?

Sarkozy: Well no. But I implied it. I said, “Sir, you cannot pull zee wools over my eyes.” And zen I threw a croissant at him.

Obama: A croissant.

Sarkozy: I don’t mess around.

Obama: What did he lie about?

Sarkozy: He said Israel has a cuisine. Can you imagine? France has a cuisine. Italy has a cuisine. Israel has no cuisine.

Obama: America?

Sarkozy: America has . . . America has . . . you have French restaurants, right?

Obama: Yes.

Sarkzoy: So America has a cuisine. But Israel has not a cuisine. It’s an insult. And what about you? You say Netanyahu is a pain in zee us?

Obama: A pain in the what?

Sarkozy: Zee us! You know, zee rear end.

Obama: Oh. I thought you were talking about some kind of rock group, you know, The Us. Like The Who.

Sarkozy: Oh, I love zee Ooh.

Obama: Yeah, well, every other day he’s on the phone with me, like, “Mr. President, Israel has to survive, and blah blah blah.” And I’m sitting there, you know, giving the finger to the phone, thinking “Why don’t you just spread some of the wealth around to the Palestinians?” But all I say is “yeah, yeah, yeah, I got it.” Because if I say one cross word to him he runs right to AIPAC and tells them I’m mistreating him.

Sarkozy: Zat bastard.

Obama: So how’s the debt crisis going?

Sarkozy: Not too bad. Zee German cow and zee Dim Sum chef are sending money to Greece and Italy.

Obama: You mean Merkel and Hu Jintao?

Sarkozy: Of course.

Obama: Two more annoying people.

Sarkozy: Who do you think is the most annoying world leader of all?

Obama: Oh, I guess they all annoy me to some extent. Maybe it’s that South Korean dude, President Lee. He’s always like, “Oh, oh, North Korea might invade us,” and I’m like, “Strap on some balls you moron. We’re not coming to save you. We’ll be leading from behind back in San Diego.” And of course he wants everyone in America driving a Hyundai but he won’t take any of our cars. I’m thinking, “Hey, I’m going to take a Buick and stuff it down your throat.”

Sarkozy: Yeah, and he’s a big liar too. And his food is unnecessarily spicy. The Koreans have to learn subtlety and small portions.

Obama: Alright, we’ve got to wrap it up. I’ve got to meet with the German cow next and then I’m jamming with Il Duce.

Sarkozy: Oh, tell Berlusconi I said hello. By zee way, do you really think I’m ugly?

Obama: Of course not Nicolas. You look nicer than, you know, a lot of people. Goodbye now.

Sarkozy: Au revoir.

Obama: Angela, nice to see you!

Merkel: Wonderful to see you too, Mr. President.

Obama: Sorry about the smell in here. Boy, those Frogs, they really should take a bath once in while!

Merkel: Bwahahahahaha!

Obama: Bwahahahahaha!

Obama Insults Netanyahu; Press Fails to Report

Updated 11:20 am ET

President Obama failed to contradict French President Nicolas Sarkozy last week when Sarkozy termed Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netenyahu a liar, responding instead that Netanyahu was basically a pain in the ass, according to Reuters.

“I cannot bear Netanyahu, he’s a liar,” Sarkozy told Obama, unaware that the microphones in their meeting room had been switched on, enabling reporters in a separate location to listen in to a simultaneous translation.

“You’re fed up with him, but I have to deal with him even more often than you,” Obama replied.

The two leaders were together in a room, about to hold a joint press conference at the G-20 Summit in Cannes, France, and they thought their microphones were not yet live. But they were, and some reporters who turned on their translation-providing earphones before they were supposed to picked up a conversation that was meant to be private.

But they didn’t report it. Exactly when did journalists start worrying about whether news was not intended to be made public?

According to Israel’s, reporters present subsequently signed an agreement not to publish the remarks. Only after the French photojournalism website Arret Sur Images reported the exchange did Reuters, which had a reporter on the scene, “confirm” it with a story.


The surprising lack of coverage may be explained by a report alleging that journalists present at the event were requested to sign an agreement to keep mum on the embarrassing comments. A Reuters reporter was among the journalists present and can confirm the veracity of the comments.

A member of the media confirmed Monday that “there were discussions between journalists and they agreed not to publish the comments due to the sensitivity of the issue.”

He added that while it was annoying to have to refrain from publishing the information, the journalists are subject to precise rules of conduct.

Precise rules of conduct?? Journalism is supposed to be about NO RULES OF CONDUCT, except in certain cases when national security or the safety or livelihood of individuals is involved.

It’s incredible to me that White House reporters were involved in suppressing information. They may have had to break the “rules,” but once you have information, you report it, even if it means someone is going to be angry at you. For journalists to actually sign some kind of agreement to not report, ever, a major news story is a disgrace beyond words.

This is why people don’t trust the media. It’s why so many conservatives reacted with such disdain to what I think are legitimate reports about alleged sexual harassment by Herman Cain. I cannot help believing some of the very same reporters who signed the non-disclosure deal about Obama’s remarks would have clung to exalted claims of journalistic integrity and reported the matter had it involved George W. Bush.

This is only Obama’s latest personal insult toward Netanyahu, having already walked out of a March 2010 White House meeting with him and left him hanging out on his own in the West Wing to stew with aides over whether he could come up proposals more to Obama’s liking.

During the conversation with Sarkozy, Obama also criticized the French president for voting to allow the Palestinians to join UNESCO, an event which forced the U.S. to withdraw funds from the agency, and fretted about the consequences of the Palestinians signing up with other UN outfits, like the International Atomic Energy Agency.

“You have to pass the message along to the Palestinians that they must stop this immediately,” Obama said.

UPDATE: Traveling with the press corps to an Obama event near Philadelphia, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today refused to comment on Obama’s remarks, but he did not deny them.

Obama: Baby Pretty. Daddy Ugly. Mama Hot

President Obama Friday managed to insult French President Nicolas Sarkozy while flirting with his wife. Take a look.

I know he meant well. And I hate to think I might be taking an effort at lightness too seriously.

But this moment embodies two perilous situations: When a stiff man tries to loosen up, and when a short, not particularly attractive man receives a comment about his looks. And I think the peril veered into a minor diplomatic accident.

Obama and Sarkozy are hardly chums. The reaction in the French media has been mixed.

Given that the French are sensitive creatures still sore over their long-lost claim to world leadership, it might have been better for Obama not to be needling their president.

Obama Changes Libya Mission to Ousting Qaddafi

President Obama is formally adding the removal of Muammar Qaddafi to the Libya war, declaring that NATO bombing will not end until Qaddafi is gone.

In an op-ed piece published today in the International Herald Tribune, Le Figaro, and the Times of London, Obama, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and British Prime Minister David Cameron write what was obvious to others when the “kinetic military exercise” began – that the Libyan people will never be safe as long as Qaddafi walks the streets of Tripoli.

So long as Qaddafi is in power, NATO must maintain its operations so that civilians remain protected and the pressure on the regime builds. Then a genuine transition from dictatorship to an inclusive constitutional process can really begin, led by a new generation of leaders. In order for that transition to succeed, Qaddafi must go and go for good.

The mission now also includes nation building, the trio of leaders suggest.

The United Nations and its members should help the Libyan people as they rebuild where Qaddafi has destroyed — to repair homes and hospitals, to restore basic utilities, and to assist Libyans as they develop the institutions to underpin a prosperous and open society.

Nothing serious is done by the United Nations, of course, without substantial input and leadership from the United States.

France Takes the Lead on Aiding Libyan Rebels

What? France? Leading the world on military matters?

Generally, France takes the lead on the preparation of appetizers and desserts. But it look like, in terms of providing actual, tangible assistance to the Libyan rebels – as opposed to assembling flatulent declarations out of the UN, which is where the United States is taking the lead – France is showing the way.

From the Wall Street Journal:

In Paris, Prime Minister François Fillon said Monday that France was sending two planes with humanitarian aid to Benghazi, the opposition stronghold in eastern Libya. The planes would leave “in a few hours” for Benghazi with doctors, nurses, medicines and medical equipment.

And France isn’t even the former colonial power there. Italy is.

Monsieur Sarkozy, mes félicitations!

UPDATE: White House officials this morning suggested Secretary of State Clinton later today will discuss humanitarian aid by the United States to the Libyan rebels.