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Buttigieg Calls Pence a Christian Hypocrite for Condoning Trump’s “Naked Sins”

From the Washington Examiner:

Pete Buttigieg criticized Vice President Mike Pence and Christian politicians who support controversial Trump policies as hypocritical, but stopped short of calling them “sinful,” as Joe Biden did.

“I’ll be careful to use that word to kind of point out a speck in my brother’s eye,” the South Bend mayor told Religion News Service when asked whether politicians who supported family separation at the border were guilty of “sinful” actions. “What I would say is that it’s clear that some naked sins are being at best condoned by people who then summon religious arguments. That rings more and more hollow. It’s not just that we might have a different interpretation of faith, it’s that these arguments no longer stack up even on their own merits, right?”

“For example: Mike Pence’s view of Christian sexuality is obviously a little different than mine,” said Buttigieg. “But even with his view, it makes no sense to condone this president and his behavior. So there’s two layers to this. There’s the fact that I subscribe to a vision of faith that leads me to a certain place politically. But it’s also just seeing the hypocrisy among people who now endorse people and practices that are offensive, not only to my values, but to their own.”

Buttigieg’s charge of hypocrisy echoes comments he made at the first presidential debate, where he went after Republicans’ use of religious language and said the party “likes to cloak itself in their language of religion.”

Pence Plane Diverted Back to Washington from New Hampshire Trip

Vice President Pence scrapped a planned event in New Hampshire Tuesday and headed back to Washington for what his office characterized as something that “came up” but was not an emergency.

Some news outlets were reporting, more believably, that there was an emergency of some kind.

I’d note, without trying to raise alarm, that in 20 years of covering the White House, I cannot remember Air Force One or Air Force Two being “diverted” and returned to the White House.

The White House is assuring people there is nothing to worry about and that this has nothing to do with President Trump’s health. It appears it may be related to a fire aboard a Russian nuclear-powered submarine that killed 14 Russian sailors.

Video || Vice President Pence at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

President Trump is visiting Japan on Memorial Day, hoping to keep the United States out of another war, this one with North Korea.

I’ve disagreed with his methods, but not his motive. He’s at least trying to pick up a can that’s been kicked down the road by the last three presidents.

So Mike Pence went to Arlington Cemetery this year to mark the day.

I visited the Vietnam Memorial Saturday. It is, always, such a moving experience to see the names on the wall, and the tributes that have been left. I just happened to see a newspaper clipping left there about the death of a young man from near where I grew up in Rockland County, New York. To think of the life he missed out on.

I don’t like the memorial, I think it implies that the war was wrong and the lives were wasted. But I don’t deny its power, or its usefulness to those whose loved ones died there.

Have a nice day. And to the fallen, the wounded, and those who suffer the psychological scars of war, I am sorry I can’t do much more than salute you and say, thank you for your service.

Cheney Lectures Pence Over Trump’s Foreign Policy

Vice President Pence and former Vice President Cheney started one of those usually cordial discussions at one of those retreats for wealthy and connected people — and then actually got into an argument.

According to the Washington Post:

A chummy discussion between Vice President Pence and former vice president Richard B. Cheney quickly turned into a vigorous back-and-forth over President Trump’s foreign policy at a private gathering Saturday, with Cheney comparing the president’s instincts to those of his Democratic predecessor, Barack Obama, according to a transcript obtained by The Washington Post.

At the closed-door retreat hosted by the American Enterprise Institute in Sea Island, Ga., Cheney respectfully but repeatedly and firmly pressed Pence on a number of the president’s foreign policy moves. Cheney expressed concerns at such actions as taking a harder line toward U.S. allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and deciding to withdraw troops from Syria during what he fretted was “the middle of a phone call.”

Cheney also worried aloud to Pence that “we’re getting into a situation when our friends and allies around the world that we depend upon are going to lack confidence in us” and then offered a blunt criticism of the current administration’s response to foreign policy challenges.

“I worry that the bottom line of that kind of an approach is we have an administration that looks a lot more like Barack Obama than Ronald Reagan,” he said.

It seems like Cheney’s biggest annoyance is that Trump is trying to get our allies to pay for their own defense.

He worried about Trump’s decision to cancel the decades-long U.S. military exercises with South Korea and referenced a recent Bloomberg News report about the president’s directive “to pursue a policy that would insist that the Germans, the Japanese, and the South Koreans pay total cost for our deployments there, plus 50 percent on top of that.” “I don’t know, that sounded like a New York state real estate deal to me,” Cheney quipped.

Well, okay, go ahead and sneer. But Cheney doesn’t get human nature the way Trump does. If people don’t have skin in the game, they don’t care. If we force out allies to pay for their defense, then they are less passive and more active participants. When you have to sacrifice a bit of your wealth for the cause, then the cause becomes stronger.

Quite an insulting turn from the vice president who pushed us into Iraq BY MISTAKE. There was no WMD in Iraq. Oops, sorry.

Video || Trump and Pence Visit MLK Memorial

Notice how CBS can’t even cover the damn event without mentioning the government shutdown.

And the reporter notes how the Smithsonian is closed because of the shutdown. Aww. Now what does that have to do with the MLK Memorial? Nothing! It’s OUTSIDE. Open to all.

Maybe the bathrooms are shuttered and you have to pee in the Potomac. I dunno. Worse things have happened.

Video || Mike Pence Announces Space Force

Do we need a space force? How the hell should I know? But it’s pretty cool.

I say we let William Shatner command the first fighting spacecraft. That will scare the crap out of the Russians.

Here’s a highly produced video from the White House showing Vice President Pence making the announcement.

What’s interesting to me here is that Pence seems to be given a lot more latitude by President Trump for self-glorification than Barack Obama ever granted Joe Biden. He gets his own videos and plenty of solo photo shots by White House photographers. Clearly setting himself up for Pence 2024. Or Pence 2020, whichever comes first.

Biden almost never appeared on his own in anything. The Obama White House photos and videos were all about Obama. But of course.

Good video. Pence is on his game. You know, to the extent you can make two-percent milk exciting, Pence can be a thrill.

Video || Pence Welcomes Home Korean War Heroes

At least one great thing has come out of the negotiations with Kim Jong-Un.

What a moving thing to see these fallen heroes returned to be laid to rest in their native soil. God Bless them all of these service members who sacrificed their lives for us.

And God bless America, which more than any other country, always seeks to recover its wounded and its dead in war.

Apparently two networks barely covered this. Because, I mean, there’s themselves to cover – Press under siege! – and the latest tiny iteration of the Russia investigation.

North Korea: Mike Pence is a “Political Dummy”

Okay, that’s not true. Now we know North Korea is filled with liars.

Mike Pence, then the governor of Indiana, said in 2016 he was going to vote for Sen. Ted Cruz during the state’s primary, and then reluctantly decided to endorse the presumptive nominee, Donald Trump.

And then somehow he wound up Trump’s running mate! Sorry North Korea, Mike Pence is no political dummy.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

North Korea’s senior envoy for U.S. affairs renewed a threat to call off a planned summit with President Donald Trump and warned that Pyongyang could “make the U.S. taste an appalling tragedy it has neither experienced nor even imagined.”

In its most direct language aimed at Washington following a recent rapprochement between the two countries, Choe Son Hui, the North’s vice minister of foreign affairs, said if the June 12 talks were called off, the U.S. could instead face off with North Korea in a “nuclear-to-nuclear showdown.”

Ms. Choe’s statement, issued through official state media, called out Vice President Mike Pence, to whom she referred as “a political dummy.”

The Choe also called Pence “ignorant and stupid.”

Don’t get me wrong, I like Mike Pence. A lot. I’m just saying, you know, he worked this VP angle pretty well.

Vice President Pence
Political dummy?

North Korea is mad that Pence brought up Libya in the context of nuclear negotations.

Libya under Muammar Qaddafi, as you are probably aware, had given up its nuclear weapons and wasn’t bothering us. And then Barack Obama, with Hillary’s urging, destroyed his regime. Which serves as a lesson that if you want to stay in power, don’t give up your nukes at the urging of the United States.

Another Obama administration mistake we continue to live with today.

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