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Wolff: Bannon Thinks Trump Obstructed Justice

Looks like Steven Bannon is none to happy about being excluded from President Trump’s orbit and losing his Breitbart gig over his comments about Trumps’s family in Michael Wolff’s first book, “Fire and Fury.” So now, he’s cooperated extensively with Wolff for his second book, “Siege.” And the result is not pretty. Too bad Bannon talks to sleaze bags like Wolff. It’s a big mistake,

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New Michael Wolff Book Exposed for Errors Even Before Publication

Following up on all the money he raked in from his last fusillade at President Trump, Michael Wolff, author of the 2018 book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, is back with another diatribe no doubt again filled with questionable assertions. According to the Washington Examiner: Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office pushed back against author Michael Wolff’s claim that prosecutors drafted a three-count

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Video || Mika Brzezinski Throws Michael Wolff Off Morning Joe

MSNBC Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski is suddenly all offended by “Fire and Fury” author Michael Wolff, going after him and then throwing him off her show for insinuating in his discredited book that UN Ambassador Nikki Haley was having an affair with President Trump. Michael Wolff doesn’t look too good. But neither does Brzezinski. First of all, I can’t help myself, I’ve got to

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CNN’s Jake Tapper Questions Credibility of Wolff Book

Fresh off a more-than-contentious confrontation with White House aide Stephen Miller Sunday, CNN”s Jake Tapper on Monday questioned the accuracy of the reporting in Michael Wolff’s anti-Trump diatribe, “Fire and Fury.” And that’s the problem with the book. Surely, some of it is true. But given the errors in Wolff’s book and his reputation for making stuff up, we have to just guess what’s true

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