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Trump Campaign Bans Bloomberg News

Bloomberg is refusing to investigate either its owner, Michael Bloomberg, or the other Democratic candidates. But it will continue to go after President Trump and his campaign.

So Trump banned them, at least from the campaign.

Even some at Bloomberg must be in shock that they are being banned from investigating the Democratic candidates.

“This all could have been avoided had someone just stood up and said, you’re running for President of the United States now,” tweeted Megan Murphy, Bloomberg News Washington bureau chief during the 2016 election. “I really think you can handle your own newsroom of immensely talented editors and reporters covering you the same way they do everything else.

Where was the outcry about this from the rest of the press?

Closer to Jumping in: Bloomberg Flies to Arkansas to File for the Primary

Michael Bloomberg, if he gets in the race, could win the Democratic primary, as long as he is able to jettison Joe Biden from the moderate lane. And Biden is so bad, I think he can.

If he is the nominee, Bloomberg would present the bigger challenge to President Trump than any of the declared Democratic candidates. He could win enough Democrats and Republicans who are tired of Trump to become president. Then again, a lot of lefties would stay home. They’d be too disappointed he ruined their dreams of a Bernie or Pocahontas presidency.

According to the New York Times:

Michael R. Bloomberg flew to Arkansas on Tuesday morning to personally file paperwork to become a presidential candidate in the state’s Democratic primary, sending a highly public signal about his strong interest in entering the 2020 race.

Mr. Bloomberg arrived in Little Rock, Ark., with a few aides, according to two people familiar with his activities. Arkansas is the second state in which he will be on the Democratic primary ballot, after qualifying to put his name on the ballot in Alabama last Friday. The two southern states both have early filing deadlines, even though they are not among the first primaries on the calendar.

“Mike wanted to go and do the filing himself,” said Jason Schechter, a spokesman for Mr. Bloomberg. “If he runs, he’s going to go to states that Democrats never go to in the primary campaign. We’re starting that today in Arkansas.”

Mr. Bloomberg planned to have lunch at Sims BBQ with the mayor of Little Rock, Frank Scott Jr., during a brief visit to the city.

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Mr. Bloomberg is considering a trip to North Carolina as soon as this week, two people briefed on his plans said. The state’s filing deadline is not imminent, but similar to Arkansas it is among the Super Tuesday contests in early March that Mr. Bloomberg would aim to contest aggressively as a candidate.

Michael Bloomberg Accused of Rampant Sexism

Uh oh. Might not work too well in the Democratic primaries.

And of course, it would deny him as the Democratic nominee ammunition he could use against President Trump, given the theory of, Don’t throw stones in glass houses if you yourself in habit one.

According to the Washington Examiner:

New York Magazine journalist reported that in his time spent with Bloomberg, he degraded women based on their appearance, in one instance ignoring the conversation they were in to gesture at a woman and say, “Look at the ass on her.” The same article recounts a female politician detailing how the mayor shamed her for wearing flats rather than heels and demeaned the gray streaks in her hair. 

New York Magazine also reported on a list of “Bloombergisms,” common phrases and quips the mayor used to make. These reportedly included “If women wanted to be appreciated for their brains, they’d go to the library instead of to Bloomingdale’s,” and “I know for a fact that any self-respecting woman who walks past a construction site and doesn’t get a whistle will turn around and walk past again and again until she does get one.”

Some of Bloomberg’s misogynistic acts and comments allegedly carry over into the workplace, meaning that his indiscretions do possibly cross over into the #MeToo realm of sexual harassment. For instance, several women have sued Bloomberg’s company for discrimination or sexual harassment, and the Atlantic piece documents their allegations. One female employee says that when she told Bloomberg she was pregnant, he responded with, “Kill it!” When she said she was engaged, Bloomberg responded, “What is the guy dumb and blind? What the hell is he marrying you for?”

Trump Says He Would Welcome Race Against Bloomberg

Well, Christmas is coming, and Michael Bloomberg is already doing some shopping.

This year, he’s thinking of buying the presidency. According to several reports, he has changed his previous view and may soon get in the Democratic primary.

He could win. The current group is such an amalgamation of nothings, it’s possible. I still think the leftists are going to carry Elizabeth Warren to victory. But with Biden looking weak, if Sanders divides the lefty vote with her, it could give an opening to Bloomberg.

Trump spoke about Bloomberg with reporters Friday at the White House.

“He became just a nothing. He was really a nothing. He’s not going to do well but I think he’s going to hurt Biden actually,” Trump said of Bloomberg. “There’s nobody I’d rather run against than little Michael.”

“He doesn’t have the magic to do well,” Trump said. “Little Michael will fail,” he added, but only after spending a lot of money.

If he did do well in the primaries, “I’d be happy,” Trump said, adding. “There’s nobody I’d rather run against than little Michael.”

Meantime, Hillary Clinton Wednesday also refused to rule out getting in. I think she might.

Bloomberg Seriously Considering Independent Bid

A very real new threat that liberalism will continue to rule from the White House is emerging in the form of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who reportedly is deadly serious about waging an independent presidential campaign.

Bloomberg, according to the New York Times, has already drawn up plans for the race, retained a consultant to get his name on ballots, and made a study of past independent runs. He will make a final decision after early primaries, with a deadline of early March. Plus, Bloomberg — with a net worth of $36 billion, more than there times that of multi-billionaire Donald Trump — can fund his own run if he desires.

Bloomberg, 73, whose predilection for government intervention has made his name synonymous with the term “nanny state,” favors amnesty for illegal immigrants, is one of the nation’s leading gun control advocates, seeks increased trade with China, and wants binding carbon emission limits.

While it would appear, based on such views, that he would draw more votes from a Democratic nominee than a Republican, how his entrance into the race would actually play out is far from clear.

The latest Gallup poll, done in January 2016, puts conservatives at 37 percent of the electorate compared to only 24 percent who say the are liberal. And Republicans seem less likely to stray than Democrats. While 45 percent of Democrats call themselves liberal, 68 percent of Republicans say they are conservative. Another poll shows some 20 percent of Democrats seriously considering a vote for Trump in the general election, should he win the nomination.

But 35 percent of all Americans view themselves as moderate, a potential gold mine for Bloomberg to draw on, especially if Democrats nominate uber liberal Sen. Bernie Sanders. While Bloomberg is clearly to the left politically, he can claim he occupies middle ground since he temporarily joined the Republican Party to run for mayor of New York.

And Establishment Republicans who say they are repelled by the most likely GOP nominees, Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz, could more easily turn to Bloomberg than to Sanders, who is a socialist, or Hillary Clinton, whom they also detest and who is currently under criminal investigation by the FBI.

Looked at from a historic prospective, the prospects for a third-party run would seem poor. No one from outside the two main parties has ever won.

The most recent serious independent challenge was waged in 1992 by business tycoon Ross Perot, who received no electoral votes and just under 19 percent of the popular vote. He ran again in 1996 but only got 8.4 percent of the vote. Still, he did alter the 1992 election by drawing votes from the Republican and putting Bill Clinton into the White House with just 43 percent of the popular vote.

But Bloomberg is different. Not only does he have governing experience, he lacks Perot’s quirkiness, which was disconcerting to some voters. Rather, he projects seriousness and competency and has, according to the New York Times, at least a billion dollars queued up to spend on his campaign.

That he is indeed competent makes him a potentially strong and disciplined candidate and, should he win, a president who could effectively advance a liberal agenda.

This post also appears on LifeZette.

Bloomberg: Obama Should Play Golf Every Weekend!

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Sunday dismissed criticism of President Obama’s frequent golf outings, saying he should instead step up the practice.

“They criticize him for going and playing golf with people who he’s gotta deal with,” Bloomberg said. “He should be doing that every weekend. You always can work better with somebody that you have a chance to build a social relationship with.”

Bloomberg spoke on CBS’s Face the Nation:

But Obama, who has already been golfing 116 times as president, rarely mixes business with pleasure, as Bloomberg suggests he does. Obama almost always plays with low level White House staffers who presumably admire the boss and need little schmoozing.

Bloomberg himself has been among those taken on rare Obama working sessions of golf, so he may assume that’s how the president usually rolls. The New York Mayor, who is one of the wealthiest men in America, also seems to not to recognize the adverse symbolism of a president constantly on the fairways while men and women are dying in Afghanistan and millions remain jobless.

But Bloomberg needn’t worry. With his reelection campaign behind him and Washington’s weather warming up, Obama will undoubtably hit the links nearly every weekend he’s in town or finds himself in the general area of a golf course.

Just, not with people he needs to work with.

H/T Huffington Post.