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Trump Vows to Help Mexico Wipe Its Drug Cartels “Off the Face of the Earth”

Nine members of an American family who live in Mexico, including six children and three women, were killed by Mexican gangsters.

This is a terrible tragedy. But making emotional vows that will not be kept and sending American troops to solve Mexico’s problems is a bad idea.

Mexican President Dissed at APEC

The president of Mexico may be the Big Guy around Mexico City, but at the AEPC Summit, he’s small frites. Of course, that doesn’t mean he should be treated that way. From the pool report.

Pool left at 8:30 am for a long, lovely walk through an epic mall in Yokohama, past a Christmas tree, a Sizzler, and a Starbucks to the APEC CEO Summit.

We entered a vast, standard-issue ballroom as Mexican President Felipe Calderon was speaking. He gave way to a Japanese executive, but we had no translation. The general topic was green technology, energy efficiency and climate change.

As Potus stood offstage, the moderator tried to hustle Mr. Calderon along as he spoke of his hopes for the upcoming climate summit in Cancun, saying “There are more important,” then correcting himself, “other important” speakers in wait. Much laughter at poor Mr. Calderon”s expense.

Potus walked on stage to warm applause at 9:44 am, Japan time.