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Trump to Allow States to Require Medicaid Beneficiaries to Work

I wonder what all the #NeverTrump conservatives must be thinking. This is turning out to be the most conservative administration since Ronald Reagan. Or maybe Calvin Coolidge.

From Fox News:

The Trump administration announced Thursday that it will open the door for states to impose work requirements for Medicaid recipients, in a major shift that could affect millions of low-income people receiving benefits.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services described the decision as a response to requests from states to test work requirement programs.

The test programs, according to CMS, could make work, “skills training, education, job search, volunteering or caregiving” a requirement for Medicaid for “able-bodied, working-age adults.” It would not apply to those getting benefits due to a “disability, elderly beneficiaries, children, and pregnant women.”

A letter sent to state Medicaid directors Thursday said the move would help “improve Medicaid enrollee health and well-being through incentivizing work and community engagement.”

There will of course be court challenges to this based on the premise the health care is a fundamental “right.”