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I Don’t Know Who Sent These Packages, But Antifa Makes the Most Sense

The media have utterly abandoned any pretense of objectivity and sobriety in their treatment of the suspicious packages being sent to Democrats, strongly suggesting in numerous articles and TV reports that President Trump is the cause and that a Republican must have done it.

While it can never be proven that Trump is the cause unless someone admits it – and Democratic radicalism and violence, or a reaction to it, is at least as likely – it probably will eventually be proven WHO did this.

Yes, it may well turn out to be a crazy conservative, although I’d note that for most liberals, that’s a redundant description. But if I had to guess, I would say that these packages are coming from the left, not the right.

Here’s why:

  1. What is going on obviously benefits the Democrats, not the Republicans. If Democrats are attacked, the obvious knee-jerk presumption is that a conservative did it, and therefore Republicans are blamed and look like violent menaces to society. But anyone on the “right” who sent the bombs had to have known that this hurts their cause, and so they would have little rational incentive to do it. Plus, they would have known that the media would immediately blame Trump, who already stands accused of inciting anger and violence and whom, of course, the media hate.
  2. This plot was very carefully planned. It does not suggest an act of passion. People who carefully plan plots have an agenda. And they normally would not want to do something that harms their agenda, and this – see above – harms the conservative agenda.
  3. None of the bombs have gone off. In fact, it’s not even clear to me that they were intended to go off, or that they are bombs at all. We’re still referring to these as “suspicious packages.” Perhaps they contained the materials you would use in a bomb but were┬ánot designed to detonate. We don’t know yet. And the packages even LOOK LIKE suspicious packages, like a caricature that was meant to be discovered. And it seems strange that someone who actually wanted to hurt Democrats would make so many attempts and have no success. Meantime a leftist might want to set conservatives up without harming Democrats
  4. Antifa has consistently shown a proclivity toward violence, intimidation, and careful, sophisticated planning. This scheme would be consistent with how the group operates.

Of course, the press is already deriding anyone who suggests this is a “false flag” operation. But that actually shows the ignorance, bias, and herd mentality of journalists. It is entirely reasonable to suppose that leftists may have done this. And the FBI would be foolish not to seriously consider the possibility.

I fully admit I could be proven wrong. I think that this could be the work of either side, that it’s a close call, but that on balance it seems to me more likely the work of leftists.