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Kentucky Gov. Bevin Explains That the Culture, Not Guns, is to Blame

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin laid out a succinct, eloquent case Monday evening for why guns are not the reason for the proliferation of school shootings.

I made a similar case last week that societal changes are to blame. But Bevin is so compelling and adds to what I wrote, so I thought you might want to take a look, especially given how important Second Amendment rights are to many of you.

Bevin, who appeared last night on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, notes that gun restrictions are far more severe than they were 50 or 100 years ago, and yet people back then didn’t shoot up schools. Even the number of households with guns has declined. And he talks about the desensitization to violence that has occurred, whether through video games, TV, movies, or music lyrics. And, what’s more, the erasure of the distinction between “right” and “wrong.”

Everything is right, don’t you know? I mean, if you feel it, it’s right.

Maybe those kids who will be protesting next March in Washington should rally for the movie industry to put an end to the “PG-13” rating, which as far as I can tell is good for nothing much more than getting kids into what are effectively R-rated movies. Or to demand less-violent video games.

Well, that ain’t gonna happen, it would be too inconvenient for everyone, and who doesn’t want to watch all that great action? Much better to restrict access to guns by law-abiding citizens. I admire that these kids want to take action, but they unfortunately will be coopted by the anti-Second Amendment crowd.

President Trump has said he is open to legislation that would strengthen background checks. We need to do better making sure that people who are mentally unstable and who are threatening violence are not able to get guns. But drawing the lines is not an easy process, and it has to be done carefully.