In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


It’s Not About “Optics”

President Obama was ready with excuses for Chuck Todd when asked on Meet the Press about his decision to immediately head for the golf course after making a statement last month about James Foley, who was murdered by ISIS. By the time Obama was done, you could almost be convinced he had DONE THE RIGHT THING. The president claims a public relations mistake. But this

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Obama Opts for Late Checkout

What? President Obama didn’t depart his Martha’s Vineyard vacation home until 8:05 pm ET last night. Doesn’t that get him into the next day’s charges? I mean, anytime I’ve bargained for a late checkout, I’ve had to weep at the ankles of the front desk lady for ten minutes just get my time extended until noon. Anyway, this got him back to the White House at

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Biking and then . . . Well What Do You Think?

An Obama family vacation is an exercise in rituals – box checking if you want to be mean about it – and one of the sacred rites on the Martha’s Vineyard vacation, along with a trip to the beach and a look through the bookstore, is The Bike Ride. This has not always worked out well for the president, as he looks not quite as

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White House: “A Good Time Was Had By All”

That’s the best we can get out of the White House about how things went down with the awkward encounter between President Obama and Hillary Clinton at a Martha’s Vineyard A-List gathering just days after she dissed his foreign policy. Hillary told reporters before the party, a celebration of Democratic political fixer Vernon Jordan’s wife’s birthday, that the disagreement was no biggie, even though in an interview with the

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On Vacation, Obama Indulges in the Sweet Life

Yes, literally. President Obama Tuesday dined, as he has on previous Martha’s Vineyard sojourns, at the Sweet Life Cafe, another Obama destination off limits to the 99 percent. You know your wallet is in for a good cleansing when the menu doesn’t list prices. Always a bad sign. Monsieur, let’s not discuss anything as tacky as the price. It’s only money.  There it is. Ahh, the

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Obama to Interrupt Vacation

President Obama will return to the White House for two days midway through his Martha’s Vineyard vacation to attend unspecified meetings at the White House. The White House has given no reason for the sudden decision to return Obama to Washington. I can tell you, interrupting his vacation is not something Obama would do lightly. He must feel the need to deal with something important.

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