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Carney Won’t Say Libya Security was Adequate

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today declined to say that security was adequate at the Libyan consulate in Benghazi during that the assualt that killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya last week on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks, saying the matter is being studied.

Asked by Ed Henry of Fox News is there was sufficient security at the consulate, Carney replied, “I am simply saying that this is a matter under investigation.”

Carney added, however, that there were  steps “taken both seen and unseen in advance in preparation for times like 9/11.”

Carney also softened his suggestions from last week that the the violence in Libya was mainly in response to a video denigrating Mohammed and not a pre-planned attack meant to mark the 9/11 anniversary.

“The cause amd motivation behind (the attacks) will be decided by that investigation,” Carney said. “There are other factors that were involved in the violence that ensued – other factors that are involved that are under investigation.”

Last week, he said: “And while the violence is reprehensible and unjustified, it is not a reaction to the 9/11 anniversary that we know of, or to U.S. policy.”

Carney continued to say that the video played a role, but this time he indicated that it played a more direct role in earlier protests in Cairo, and the the Cairo protests then spread to Bengahzi.

“It was video that cause the unrest in Cairo and the unrest in Cairo that precipitated the unrest in Libya and elsewhere,” Carney said.

But while flagging a potential change in position, Carney restated last week’s contention that the United States has “no information to suggest that it was a preplanned attack.”

France Takes the Lead on Aiding Libyan Rebels

What? France? Leading the world on military matters?

Generally, France takes the lead on the preparation of appetizers and desserts. But it look like, in terms of providing actual, tangible assistance to the Libyan rebels – as opposed to assembling flatulent declarations out of the UN, which is where the United States is taking the lead – France is showing the way.

From the Wall Street Journal:

In Paris, Prime Minister François Fillon said Monday that France was sending two planes with humanitarian aid to Benghazi, the opposition stronghold in eastern Libya. The planes would leave “in a few hours” for Benghazi with doctors, nurses, medicines and medical equipment.

And France isn’t even the former colonial power there. Italy is.

Monsieur Sarkozy, mes félicitations!

UPDATE: White House officials this morning suggested Secretary of State Clinton later today will discuss humanitarian aid by the United States to the Libyan rebels.

We Cannot Sit By While Qaddafi Slaughters His People

President Obama, I know you are busy with your Future Enterprisers event today in Cleveland, but I must divert your attention to North Africa.

The revolution in Libya is at the point where things could go either way. If Qaddafi gains the upper hand, he will commit perhaps the worst mass murder of this young century.

This is your test. Bill Clinton passed his in Serbia when he put an end to the genocidal behavior of Slobodan Milosevic. He failed unforgiveably when he allowed Rwandan Hutus to slaughter up to a million Tutsis.

Forget the oil. We wouldn’t intervene just to preserve the oilfields.

No. Qaddafi murdered 189 Americans when he blew up Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988. It’s time for justice.

And it’s time to prevent another genocide. Tribes that supported the insurrection, along with the rebels themselves and countless others, will be killed if Qaddafi prevails, because he is bloodthirsty on good days. You must act to prevent this.

You do not need to send in the troops. There are other options before you. You can enforce a no-fly zone over the country to keep his air force from strafing the rebels. You can arm the civilians taking part in the uprising. You can send in supplies and act to try to keep communications open within the country. Just a small gesture that the U.S. is getting involved might be enough to topple Qaddafi.

And you must take the lead in organizing our intrepid European allies – who have far greater leverage due to business they do with the murderer – and get them to say they won’t do business with him if he continues killing people. If you can tear them away from their cappuccinos.

Why is it that you pressured Mubarak, our long time ally, to get out, while for Qaddafi you give us just a statement calling for an end to violence, lumping it in with calls for restraint in two other countries as well?

And this from your spokesman, just a few hours ago.

We offer our condolences to the families of the victims in Libya of this appalling violence.

Well, that’s touching, but if Qaddafi stays in power, the families themselves will be next. What they need is your help, not your pity.

And don’t worry about the Arab street. They will only be impressed by you, at last.