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Panetta Joins Criticism of Obama’s Failure to Back Iran’s Green Revolution

President Obama’s former CIA Director and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta Tuesday joined critics of Obama’s failure to support the massive 2009 Green Revolution in Iran.

Panetta told CNN:

I do think that that was an appropriate time for the United States to have sent a clearer message that we stand by those who try to represent the rights of people. That’s what the United States is all about. And it would have been important to have sent that message at the time.

At the time, of course, Obama so coveted an eventual nuclear deal with Iran and “normalization” of relations that he put his won priorities over those of the Iranian people. The movement was crushed, and Iran got its nuclear weapons program accepted by Obama – as long as they toned down their program for about a dozen years – and the freeing up of billions in sanctions, which have helped further prop up the regime.

Later this month, President Trump faces a decision on whether to scrap the deal by deciding whether to continue waiving sanctions against Iran. It is inconceivable to me that Trump will keep the money flowing to the mullahs while Iranians are being killed in the streets fighting for their freedom.

Good for Jake Tapper, who often shows less bias than others in the MSM, for asking the question.

Panetta: Obama Damaged U.S. Credibility

Wow. Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta is on a tear. Not only is he blaming President Obama for botching Iraq by pulling out all our troops, but in a new interview the Katie Couric of Yahoo News, he charges that Obama squandered “the most important thing” he possesses: the credibility of the United States.

I can tell you that this is particularly damning because Panetta, who is promoting his memoir, Worthy Fights: A Memoir of Leadership in War and Peace, is regarded in on both sides of the aisle Washington as a relentlessly straight shooter, efficient operator, and smart guy. He is one of the most respected men in town, which is why Bill Clinton made him his chief of staff when his White House was in turmoil in 1994 and Obama made him CIA director and then Pentagon chief.

Panetta told Couric:

The president of the United States in the commander in chief. The most important thing the president has is the credibility of our word. That carries an awful lot . . .

When he drew the red line in Syria . . . then, I think, the credibility of the United States is on the line. So once they used chemical weapons and 1400 people – men women and children – died as a result of using chemical weapons, then it was important for us to stand by our word and go in and do what a commander in chief should do.

Not doing that . . . sent a mixed message, not only to Assad, not only to the Syrians, but to the world. And that is something you do not want to establish in the world, an issue with regards to the credibility of the United States to stand by what we say we’re going to do.

In a separate interview on CNN, Panetta said Obama “never really came to a decision” about whether to arm the Syrian rebels:

I think it basically sat there for a while and and the got to the point where everybody just kind of assumed it was not going to happen.

Panetta: We Will do Whatever it Takes on Iran

Does the White House know about this?

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta indicated Sunday during an interview on CBS that if push comes to shove, we’ll take out Iran’s nukes with military force.

Panetta: If they proceed and we get intelligence that they’re proceeding with developing a nuclear weapon, then we will take whatever steps are necessary to stop it.

Scott Pelley: Including military steps

Panetta: There are no options that are off the table.

Unfortunately, President Obama has never been so forthright, always holding back just a bit from stating that we will take military action if the sanctions don’t work.

Which they won’t.

Obama has previously stated that a Mullahbomb would be “unacceptable.” During the State of the Union, he decreed he is “determined to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.”

This is all very careful phrasing that falls short of a promise to do what is necessary.

An Iranian nuclear weapon must at all costs be prevented. Such a device could one day be used on us either by the Iranians or their terrorist proxies; would give Iran tremendous new power in confronting us across the Middle East; and would result in a nuclear weapons race throughout the region as Saudia Arabia, Egypt, and potentially others seek a bomb of their own.

My hope is that Obama is letting Panetta send a clear signal to the Iranians, and that Panetta’s comments represent U.S. policy. Recent reports state that the Pentagon is engaged in a crash program to increase the strength of our bunker-busting bombs so they can be sure to reach the Iranian centrifuges.

My fear is that we’re hedging on a life-or-death issue for our country.