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Salazar to Reporter: “I’m Gonna Punch You Out”

Just in case you didn’t see this, the Secretary of the Interior the other day threatened to punch out a reporter.

Boy, between Obama defending Susan Rice against her accusers at his press conference Wednesday – “they’ve got a problem with me” – and Ken Salazar, there sure are a lot of tough guys in this administration.

That’s okay, reporters are used to getting a little hostility.

I think the main things reporters need to learn in the fancy journalism schools many attend are shorthand and kung fu.

Moronic Quote of the Day

Our moronic quote of the day comes from Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar. Salazar was recently quoted getting his Yogi Berra on in the Washington Post, which ran the quote without any hint of irony. He was making excuses for President Obama’s lack of attention to conservation. Said he:

“This has been a very time-consuming four years.”

Well, come to think of it, yes, Mr. Salazar is right. It has been a time consuming four years. It’s taken up, uhh, let’s see . . . about four years.

H/T to Yael at Boker Tov, Boulder!

I Saw the Helicopters Last Night

Every year, about an hour after the State of the Union, as I’m walking my dog, I see the helicopters.

They come in over my house, and head toward Washington. Last night, two of them ran separately, a couple of minutes apart. I’ve also seen them in a small pack, flying loosely in formation.

I think I know what they are doing. They are ferrying the “designated survivor” back from some secret location.

You may know about this ghoulish role.

Last night, the designated survivor was Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. If the entire Capitol blew up during the State of the Union, he would be your president.